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Coins of Venice

Exonumia is the collective term for coin-like objects. At places like Venice Pier, they might be given away by the performers or sold.

A House of Usher token is found in F. William Kuethe, Jr.'s rare and authoritative 1978 reference work, a booklet or "illustrated checklist" of magicians' tokens. The Ushers were said to have been a team of psychics, active in Venice in the first half of the 1930s. One source says the coins were sold after the show. There were twelve different coins, one for each Zodiac sign, made of copper or brass.

Above: Frank Brazzell seems to have specialized in making elongated coins, between 1981 and 1996. He made Disneyland coins and many others, as well as Venice.

Above: two sides of coin from Delaney & Schiermeyer. Who or what they were is not known.



The Indian Archery concession was operated and/or owned by Luther Standing Bear, who had previously been the boss Indian in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and was a renowned archer. He sometimes worked as a movie extra. Lone Bear, a Sioux chief and medicine man who had done time in the Fort Sill jail, also was usually found at the pier.

Above: This particular brass token had the 1913 schedule of the Tigers baseball team embossed on the back. Much more about the Cabrillo or Ship Cafe on another page.

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