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On the Boardwalk in 1909, you could have your picture taken against a background like this.

On the Boardwalk in 1909, you could have your picture taken against a background like this.





to other Venice sites


Time lapse sunset/moonrise Venice video

John Kilduff's Let's Paint TV #3 at Venice Beach and another one

Christopher Georgesco's Venice studio 1975

Ferus Gallery - the legacy lives on

William Attaway's Studio

Francisco Letelier

Former Venice artist Raphael Sloane

Martha "Art Girl" Wilson - original oil and acrylic paintings

A piece by Skizz Cyzyk on the ultimate Venice film, Forbidden Zone. Another from the composer Danny Elfman, and yet another.

Photos by David Scott, who wrote the song "Moon over Venice"

Short films about issues, like the lottery, by Aaron Waugh

Short films by performance artist Tony Vera

This page from the good people at Dumb Angel Magazine has such a great collection of photos and old postcards

Venice Vandal's Photos photos by Eric Ahlberg: The Art Walk; boardwalk murals and grafitti; eroding poetry. Paintings of boardwalk people, by Bill Tompkins

Venice Arts Council - webmaster Eric Ahlberg says, "I try to link to everything that speaks to Venice's life and legacy as a beacon of counter-culture."

Venice Art Collective

Rich Mann's Gallery - photographer who's been around forever

Great contemporary photo blog - enjoy many pictures here

3D Venice -a brilliant creation from Sal Chavez, almost virtual reality! Choose an avatar to represent you, and walk around Venice.

Bob Farrington - Venice paintings from the days of Beat

A People Palette - Diana Hobstetter's portraits of Venice folk; one of the coolest artist sites I’ve ever seen.

Go down this page a little to Wylder Flett's great photo "The Last Days of the Pavilion." And his paintings are gorgeous.

Very recent gallery of canal and bridge photos

Fred Burkhart's portrait of a beach person and other photos from the Venice of the late Sixties

Single Wing Turquoise Bird - madly creative visionaries, in the 60's and early 70's they did light shows for everyone who was anyone

* photos of opulent canal district homes, including one that I painted a picture of, from a different angle
* Venice Boulevard and Muscle Beach

This appeals to my sense of the perverse. But I think you should buy my stuff instead.

The artwork of Mike Colt was seen on the boardwalk in the 1990s

Helen K. Garber's L. A. Noir series includes Venice by night

Angel at Venice Beach - great photo by Samuel Orutsa, of one of the many bizarre exhibitionists who have frequented the oceanfront scene over the years


Venice Beachcam

Venice Beach Directory - lots of interesting stuff


Gerry Fialka and Suzy Williams events

The I-Wish Project, born in Venice

Festival of the Chariots - this is a gorgeous event, fondly remembered by the webslave as her introduction to Venice.

Carnevale annual festival

The Other Venice Film Festival


Shanna Baldwin-Moore's great photo album of people and art from the Beat days

Venice California History Site .......by Jeffrey Stanton
Stanton says, "I read the Santa Monica Evening Outlook newspaper straight through from 1887 to 1990; the Venice Vanguard from 1911 to 1940; and the Los Angeles Times from 1891 to 1912.... I also own a large photo reference library which gives me some assurance that what I wrote about really did exist."
* illustrated history articles
* Venice history time line
* historic maps
* lots of other great stuff

Ocean Park - A very promising site-in-progress about the community that Venice used to be part of

Another Jeffrey Stanton site
* street performers
* amazing Venice facts
* many photos, special section on the canal district
* several visual artists
* history

Free Venice
* Venice peace marches
* murals
* list of historic buildings
* poets
* and much more

Betsy Sells Venice
* Venice history
* many great old postcards
* dozens of great Venice murals
* archives of Venice Vanguard newlsetter
* art and architecture photos


Quickly jump to a topic on this page: Art ...Fun... Happenings... History... Humans... Issues... Literature... Music... Press


Suzanne, of Leonard Cohen song fame, and a legend in her own right

Tamara Henry and her cat at Venice Beach

Boardwalk performer Ann Randolph raises consciousness about homelessness

John Cline's 18-minute video of Bob Schmidt, "Alky Bob"

John Shannon Latex Configuration Specialist, makes balloon animals (well, what were you thinking?)

Love in Venice - a memorable 1982 article by Paul Ciotti, about a guy who just doesn't get it

Infiltration journalist Harmon Leon becomes a Venice Beach Guardian Angel

What longtime Venice resident Paul Krassner is up to these days.

Pieman Aron Kay activist formerly of Venice

Joe Funk - wonderful article by Keith Kirts about a master printer and sculptor

Blue House - Sixties memoirs from Roger Goodman

Darren Rieck, Venice model a person you could find only in Venice, who created a character and then lived it

Fire Eater Tony Vera is also a videographer. This goes to his films on YouTube.


Spirit of Venice very active in homelessness issues

The trailer for Venice Lobotomy, a documentary by Erin Grayson about Lincoln Place

Venice United Methodist Church - a very cool place

Imagine you're on the boardwalk as the mischievous satirists from Ooze magazine heckle Jingles

Yahoo! Group Venice CA - intense discussion

Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council


Hunga Dunga a True Novel by Phil Polizatto partly takes place in Venice and all of it is wonderful.

Outlaw Poets - Be one, and recapture the Beat spirit

The complete story of Beyond Baroque, both magazine and foundation, from the prime mover George Drury Smith

Beyond Baroque Foundation - poetry and so much more

Chapter 3 of The Lover of Slum by Fred Burkhart


Harmonious Mayhem music of the Drum Circle

Suzy Williams and her Solid Senders

Renaissance Man Tupper Saussy used to live in Venice

Rocknrobert.com has some great stories from a longtime Venice musician

The blog of guitarist Vinnie Caggiano offers many Venice anecdotes


Robert Heinze - Venice music from the wayback machine

Freshly Baked - Jam band whose website features a comprehensive family tree of every permutation of the group ever. It's a thing of beauty.

The Red Elvises - Quintessential Venice Beach rock'n'roll, from Siberian transplants

Venice Beach Drum Circle - such an exceedingly cool site!

Lovely Venice page from a Jim Morrison tribute site

Zendik - I remember Wulf Zendik and family members playing music on the boardwalk. Though we've never met, these are some of my favorite people. It makes me happy just to know they exist.

Harry Perry - perhaps the most recognizable boardwalk musician

Venice Beach - from Medicine Bow Gallery, the finest in drum circle and other beachfront experience


Venice Paper .......Local news and commentary

Free Venice Beachhead ......In its 36th year!

KCRW radio show by Anthea Raymond


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