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Links of General Wonderfulness

Ascent Aspirations - a literary magazine that specializes in the darker shades of short fiction in all genres, publishes poetry with an edge, and features creative photography and art.

Roswell, Texas - end the war on freedom with L. Neil Smith and friends

I Blame the Patriarchy by the funniest and right-on-est writer discovered in a month of Sundays

L. A. Observed Created by Kevin Roderick, this site is information heaven, and a class act into the bargain.

The other Ghost Town - Has nothing to do with Venice, except the coincidence of having the same title as one of Hartman's Venice books. Pictures of Chernobyl taken by a Russian woman motorcyclist, deeply moving.

Paul Ciotti, another writing mentor of Hartman's

Swami Beyondananda, Hartman's guru

Incredibly gorgeous art by Ann Stretton and Stan Starbuck

Steve O'Keefe, master of internet publicity

Sound art with soul - performance poetry and more from TVS and two fingers

Flashback Books for those who haven't forgotten

If you are a cactus fan this is the place for you

Susie Bright - this woman is a national hero

King Koncert - everything you ever wanted to know about live music

In the film Point of No Return, the Bridget Fonda character lived in this house on Ocean Front Walk. It's also in one of Hartman's paintings.


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