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In the Old Days:
Windward Avenue

Canals, Bridges


Lagoon and Midway

Miniature Railroad

Night Scenes

Market Street

Scenic Railway

1921 Amusements

Cabrillo Ship Cafe'

Venice Pier

Mecca Cafe

Bath House or Plunge

The Beach


Arielle Haze
Venice Photos

Arielle Haze views
Beach Art

Scott Shellstrom
Venice art

Jack Chipman

Dale Hartman

Venice Paintings by
Pat Hartman

Ehrlich buildings
Homage to Old Venice

Chris Burden

Unpainting the Town:
lost murals

Helen K. Garber photos

Jeff Verges

Lance Diskan

Avid Brickman

Art at the Rose Cafe'

New Venice Sign

Robbie Conal

Venice-based Art

Ferus Gallery

Mario Barrios

Gary Steinborn

Earl Newman

St. Charles Mural

Spoons of Venice

Rena Small





Arend's Venice Band played for the grand opening in 1905, so this was probably the same year. September 17 did not fall on a Sunday again until 1911, so this concert must have occurred in 1905.


Here we are on the boardwalk, and this is the table where Virtual Venice is selling postcards to support itself. The pictures on this page are the exact postcards that are for sale, no retouching or any of that. Some are not perfect, but Virtual Venice needs support anyway, so what's a little ink smudge between friends?
S&H remains $2 no matter how many postcards you buy!
email the Webslave, please.

"The Lagoons at Venice Cal."
Actually there was only one Lagoon, but many canals. This card depicts the Cosmos Club, one of early Venice's most interesting buildings. It also shows three of the charming canal bridges and three of the imported gondolas.
Description: the face is very clean. Divided back, postally unused, from O. Newman Co.

One of the Canal Bridges, Venice, California
Divided back, postally used, one-cent stamp, postmarked Jan 30, 1911 - this postcard is 100 years old! "Elmer" is written on the front, and it's addressed to
Mrs. (illegible) Barber, Stanlay, Wis.
Condition: Fair
"Residences on the Canal, Venice California"
Actually there was not just one canal in historic Venice but many. The gondolas such as the one in the foreground here were imported from Italy.
Condition: Very clean, divided back, postally unused, Edward H. Mitchell
Venice Cal postmark 1909 -to Burton in Phoenix Ariz
View of Venice, California from Pier Addressed to Mrs. Della Burton, Phoenix, Arizona
Description: divided back, corners bumped, slightly soiled
Postally used, postmarked March 7, 1909- when Venice was only 4 years old!
Newman Postcard Company
cabrillo 21
Surf Bathing at Venice Cal.
Shows the beach and bathhouse
Addressed to Mr and Mrs Kenneth in Dixon, Ill.
Description: divided back, corners worn, upper right corner slightly creased. Some postmark wavy lines show on front.
Divided back, postally used
Postmark August 29, 1910 - when Venice was only 5 years old!
Newman postcard company
co 114
Canal, Venice California
Pacific Novelty Co.
Divided back with tape scar on left side
The colors are really lovely in this little piece of art
Condition: Very good
Learn more about the canals
Restaurant Ship "Cabrillo," Venice, Cal.
upper right corner a bit chipped
Divided back, which puts it somewhere between 1907-1915
Newman Postcard company, made in Germany
Postally used, one-cent stamp, addressed to
Miss Ina Hall
526 W. 122nd St., New York City, NY
Condition: Good
The Ship Hotel and the Auditorium, Venice, California
Lower left corner creased.
Cardinell-Vincent Co.
Divided back, postmarked August 1909, one-cent stamp, addressed to
Mr. Howard Marx, Ono, Cal. written in pencil
This postcard is over 100 years old!
Condition: Good
"Ship Café" Venice Cal. - An Ancient ship run in a modern way. Ward McFadden, Prop.
published by Jack Parsons
Divided back, postally unused
Condition: Very good
Along the Shore, Venice, California 7.00
Detroit Publications
divided back, white border
written 12-21-1925 but never addressed or mailed
Condition: Very good
Beach Scene, Venice, Cal.
white border
divided back, postally unused, rubber stamped Frederick Hartley, and many pencil scribbles on back
Condition: Good
View of Beach from Ferris Wheel, Venice, CA
Western Pub. & Novelty Co.
Divided back, postally unused
Condition: Very good
Everyday Bathing Scene and Bathing Pavilion, Venice, Cal.
Van Ornum Colorprint
Divided back, postally unused
Condition: Very good
The Beach at Venice, Cal
Newman Postcard Co.
divided back, one-cent stamp
postmarked June 29, 1910, addressed to
Mrs. Sam McCarty
3850 Folsom Ave.
St. Louis, Mo
Condition: Good
The Plunge, Venice, Cal
Pacific Novelty Co.
divided back
not posted, it says on the back, "We were all in the pool on Sat. Feb. 3, '23"
Condition: Very good
Ocean Front, Promenade and Beach, Venice, California
Western Publishing & Novelty Co.
divided back, not posted but a name is written on it
Condition: Very good
Bathing Pavilion and Ocean Front Promenade, Venice, California
Van Ornum
divided back, postally unused
Condition: Very good
Daily Scene on the Pier, Venice, California
on front, dated August 10, 1915
Western Publishing
divided back, postally unused
Condition: Very good
Night Scene at Venice, Cal.
Newman Postcard, made in Germany
postmarked Sept. 4, 1909, 1-cent stamp
This postcard is over 100 years old!
Condition: Good
Interior of Auditorium, Venice, Cal.
M. Rieder publisher
undivided back, postally unused
Condition: Excellent
Auditorium, Venice, Cal. Ward McFadden, Prop.
Jack Parsons Co.
Rubber-stamped F.O.E. for a gathering of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in this popular vacation spot
divided back, postally unused
Condition: Excellent
Interior of Auditorium, Venice, Cal.
Published for Los Angeles Fellowship, Venice Assembly
M. Rieder, Pub., postmarked 1906, one-cent stamp, addressed to Miss Alice C. Rice
79 New South, Northampton, Mass.
undivided back, postally used, slightly creased'
Condition: Good
Venice, Cal. Pavilion and Hotel Ship
Paul C. Koeber Co.
has been damp, not quite flat
undivided back, postally unused
Condition: Very good
The Aquarium, Venice, Cal
George O. Restall publisher
divided back, postally unused
Condition: Very good
Scene at Venice Amusement Park, showing Helter Skelter and Miniature Railway, Venice, Cal OBO
undivided back, postally unused, the shiny layer is peeling at the edge
M. Rieder publisher
Condition: Fair
Amusements on the Pier, Venice, California
Showing Noah's Ark and one of the coasters
undivided back, postally unused, the shiny layer is peeling at the edge
M. Rieder publisher
Condition: Fair

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