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Auditorium, sitf of the Venice Assembly

Auditorium, site of the Venice Assembly




Auditorium, Dance Hall and Cabrillo Ship Cafe

Auditorium, Dance Hall, and Cabrillo Ship Cafe









Abbot Kinney Pier

Abbot Kinney Pier









Villa City, housing for tourists during opening season

Villa City, housing for tourists during opening season


Venice Quiz

Reprinted from the Venice BeachHead Birthday Edition (July 1885)
Compiled by Moe Stavnezer with a lot of help from his friends

To see the answer, put your cursor at the end of the question and highlight the next line or lines.

1. Who was the founder of Venice?
Abbot Kinney

2. Name all the streets that begin with z.
Zanja, Zano, Zephyr - Webslave note - someone has written in that there are 4, the other being Zeno, but I suspect that's what Zano is supposed to be and it's a typo but the webslave no longer has that issue of the BeachHead to check.

3. In what year did the Ku Klux Klan list Venice as its headquarters?

4. Where was the original office of Venice Neighborhood Legal Service?
Pacific Avenue above what was most recently the Gondolier restaurant

5. Name all the streets named after US Presidents.
Lincoln, Washington, Garfield, Harrison, Van Buren, McKinley

6. Where is Park Row?
Between Pacific and Main next to Windward Farms

7. In what year did Venice become part of L.A.?

8. Name the existing canals
Linnie, Carroll, Howland, Sherman, Grand and Eastern

9. Who built the existing canals?
Strong & Dickerson

10. Name all the original canals.
Altair, Cabrillo, Lion, Aldebaran, Venus, Corral, Grand

11. Name all the streets named after the Kinney family.
Thornton, Innes, Dudley

12. Where was the St. Marks Hotel?
Ocean Front Walk and Windward

13. What well-known Venice poet appeared on Groucho Marx’s old TV show "You Bet Your Life"?
Stuart Perkoff

14. Name all the walk streets.
Ozone, Dudley, Paloma, Sunset, Vista, Thornton, Park, Breeze, Wavecrest, Clubhouse, 19, 20, 23-30, Anchorage, Buccaneer, Catamaran, Eastwind, Fleet, Galleon, Ironsides, Jib, Ketch, Mast, Northstar, Outrigger, Privateer, Quarterdeck, Reef, Spinaker, Unionjack, Voyage, Westwind, Yawl, Nowita, Marco, Amoroso, Crescent

15. What Venice cause was supported by (among others) Stan Laurel, Margaret Whiting, Igor Stravinsky, and Mort Sahl?
Save the Gas House

16. The fastest woman in the world lives in Venice. What is her name?
Evelyn Ashford

17. What street is named after the Mexican family that once owned all of Venice?

18. Where is the Abbot Kinney mural?
The Post Office (inside)

19. How many Canal Festivals were there?

20. Name Abbot Kinney’s chauffeur.
Irvin Tabor

21. When did the "code enforcement" program occur?

22. Who opened and ran the Venice West Café?
Stuart Perkoff opened it without permits, was closed down and bought out by John Kenevan who ran the place till Anna and John Haag bought it.

23. Name two famous rock stars who lived and performed in Venice.
Janis Joplin and Rickie Lee Jones

24. When was oil discovered in Venice?

25. What is the oldest pharmacy in Venice?
Val’s Pharmacy

26. Name the streets or physical boundaries of Venice.
Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica, Walgrove, Marina del Rey, Del Rey St.

27. Where is the Venice in the Snow mural?
On the side of a building opposite the paddle tennis courts, partially obscured

28. What’s the name of the member of the Venice band Severance who went on to star in Sophisticated Ladies and Cotton Club?
Gregory Hines

29. Where was Beyond Baroque located prior to its current location in the Old Venice City Hall?
Next door to the Comeback Inn

30. The first office of the Peace and Freedom Party was in Venice. On what street?
West Washington Blvd.

31. In 1969 the Free Venice movement tried to have a parade, but it was stopped by hundreds of police. On what holiday was that parade to take place?
Independence Day (July 4)

32. What artist painted the mural on the St. Charles building (Windward Ave)?
Terry Schoonhoven

33. What was the name of the Ballroom on Venice Pier circa 1945?
Roosevelt Ballroom

34. What was the name of the Ballroom on Lick Pier circa 1945? 1960?
The Aragon Ballroom. The Cheetah

35. What was the exact location of the Gas House?
Ocean Front Walk and Horizon

36. When was the Venice Town Council created?

37. Where is USA Island?
Bounded by Windward, Cabrillo and Altair

38. In what year were Kinney’s canals filled?

39. What was the name of the famous 5-story bamboo slide on the old Venice Pier?
The Dragon Slide

40. Who painted the Brooks Ave. mural?
The Fine Arts Squad

41. The first of a series of pictorial histories of Venice was published in 1973. What was its title and who was the author?
Venice, California: An Urban Fantasy by Horst Schmidt-Brunner

42. How long has the Beachhead been publishing?
16 ½ years

43. In what year did Sarah Bernhardt perform in Venice for the first time?

44. In what year did Abbot Kinney die?

45. In what year did the original Venice Pier burn?

46. In what year did famous evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson disappear from Venice beach?

47. Name 3 very famous performers who lived in Venice at any time during the 1920s and/or 1930s.
Fatty Arbuckle, Charlie Chaplin, Isadora Duncan

48. Name 2 alleys not named after streets.
Toledo and Valencia

49. What areas of Venice did the Waterways project directly affect?
The Canals and Peninsula (Silver Strand)

50. Name 3 famous beat poets who lived in Venice.
Lawrence Lipton, Frankie Rios, Stuart Perkoff

51. What was the Venice Assembly, by who was it instituted?
A series of educational and cultural presentations held in the Venice Auditorium instituted by Abbot Kinney

52. Name Venice’s first local newspaper.
The Vanguard

53. What Venice resident served on the California Coastal Commission?
Dr. Rimmon C. Fay

54. Who painted the mural at Dell Ave. and Venice Blvd?
Jaya and Emily Winters

55. Where was the "Venture Inn"?
Where the West Beach Café is now

56. As a way of taking care of the poor, what Venice landowner advocated "feeding the sparrows by feeding the horses."?
Kurt Simon

57. Who formerly occupied the Antioch College building?
The Southern California Gas Co.

58. What name did Abbot Kinney give to Venice originally, what name did he settle on?
St. Marks, Venice of America

59. Which L.A. City Council person accused Venice activists of getting "Moscow Gold"?
Art Snyder


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