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The Aaron Waugh Draft
Venice Beach Vending

Webslave's Note: This was received in late 2005, and since it looks like the same hassle will be going on in 2006 and 3005, artist Aaron Waugh's proposal is presented here.

Clear Cut Artist, Performers, & free-speech should be exempt from the Boardwalk Lottery.

The following items must be included with your Application.

You must include all of the requested items to setup on the West side of the Boardwalk.

(1) Five (3) photos/slides of the work you will present at the show.

(2) One (1) photo of your booth.

(3) A copy of your California Resale Certificate. (Or maybe NOT)

(4) Three self addressed and stamped envelopes: Write "Photo Return" at the bottom right hand corner of the envelope

You want us to use for the return of your photos. Please make sure this envelope has enough postage to cover the return of your photographs.

Participants found displaying imported or manufactured goods, or goods purchased for resale will be removed from the Boardwalk. Failure to do so may result in removal from the Boardwalk by the LAPD.

All works must be presented by the person who has created the art...

California Seller's Permit: You must provide a copy of your California Seller's Permit certificate issued by the State Board of Equalization. Your Seller's Permit number will be checked prior to the displaying your work... Artists presenting invalid numbers will be removed from the Boardwalk.

Space Size: Space sizes are determined by the applicant's individual needs.

Application : A separate application must be completed for Artist, Performers & Free Speecher's applying for space on the Boardwalk. To create a (exempt zone).

Crafts persons: Must have full proof that they made their crafts

Incomplete applications will be returned delaying the processing of your application.

Photographs: Three photos showing the variety of work you will be showing is required for each show you are applying for.

The photos you submit will determine acceptance into the show. Your photos will be compared to the photos submitted by other artists in your category. Selecting the best work from all of the submissions in your category will fill the limited number of spaces allotted in your category.

Display Photo: You are required to provide a photo of the display you will be using on the west side of the Boardwalk.

Acceptance is not only determined by the quality of your work but also the quality of your display. Often times the quality of work submitted may be equal amongst artists submissions therefore, the quality of the display becomes the determining factor as to who will be accepted...
Also we go back to a monthly Lottery - If there needs to be a Lottery at all.

Keep in mind that this is just a Draft to help bring back the creative flavor of the Venice Beach Boardwalk

Aaron Waugh

Thank You

Please send your feedback to:

aaronwaugh71 (at) hotmail.com

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