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Actors, Screenwriters, Directors, Novelists and Journalists who live or lived in Venice

If it's on this page, I got it from at least one source. With somebody like Steve Allen, who openly admitted in his own autobiography to having lived in Venice, no problem. Then you get somebody like Charlie Chaplin - one reputable source says he lived in Venice and another reputable source says he didn't. I like to think that he did. I like to think of Marion Davies telling old Droopy Drawers (her pet name for William Randolph Hearst) that she was going down to the pier to ride the roller coaster, and sneaking up to the Waldorf Hotel penthouse to take a ride with Charlie. It makes a better story. But I won't swear to anything, and corrections of factual errors are welcomed. Write to the webslave.

Rachel Abramowitz author Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?

Alan J. Adler screenwriter

Amy Alkon columnist

Steve Allen 2318 Luella Ave., many years ago

Tony Alva legendary skateboarder in and around Dogtown; lived in a Venice garage

Gwili Andre actress, committed suicide in 1959 by burning self alive in fire built with her publicity photos and press clippings.

Fatty Arbuckle actor

Katie Arnoldi novelist

Jonathan Aurthur filmmaker, writer, community organizer

Alec Baldwin actor

Chris E. Balibrera screenwriter

Bradford Bancroft best known for his role in cult film Bachelor Party

Marshall Barer wrote Once Upon a Mattress

Arj Barker stand-up comedy, television, co-writer of and actor in The Marijuana-logues

Jess Barron writer, Yahoo senior editor, boardwalk resident

Henry Bean - writer moved here from Berkeley in 1978

Orson Bean - Canal district

Kate Beckinsale

Ed Bell actor

Brad Bemis

Mary Kay Bergman actress, committed suicide in Venice 1999

Philomena Winstanley Bessy co-editor of Slash, was married to punk musician Claude Bessy (aka Kickboy Face)

Tony Bill director, producer, actor

Brigit Binns has authored or co-authored 13 cookbooks.

Robert Blake grew up in Venice

Ray Bradbury is said to have been born and raised in Venice. His evocative stories recall streetcars, oil wells, fog, canals filled with detritus, and broken-down amusement park equipment. "In all the years from 1941 to the spring of 1950, I had done most of my typing in the family garages, either in Venice, California (where we lived because we were poor, not because it was the "in" place to be)....."

Rodrick Bradley novelist, photographer, film technician, artist

Foster Brashear

Milt Bratton partner in On The Beach Bookstore in Beat era

Lee Breuer playwright, Rose and Speedway early 1980s

Fredric Brown wrote hundreds of stories for the science fiction and mystery/thriller pulp magazines in the ‘40s. He lived here as well as many other places, and set some of his stories here.

Francis X. Bushman actor house Speedway and Anchorage

Nicolas Cage lived in a house with a screening room but sold it for more than $3 million

Patricia J. Campbell

Judy Carter is a comic who has coached more than 5000 aspiring comedians in workshops. She wrote The Comedy Bible : From Stand-up to Sitcom--The Comedy Writer's Ultimate "How To" Guide

Malik Carter film actor, boardwalk habitue’

Charlie Chaplin (penthouse of the Waldorf Hotel)

Bob Chatterton - made 16mm home movies of the beat scene in the early 1960s, also associated with Synanon. Owned a shop on Ocean Front Walk. "His films are a gold mine of Venice beatnik history." (Peter Apanel)

Lisa Chess

Jack Chipman has written several books about pottery

Lana Clarkson ( Phil Spector case victim) at one point owned a house on the canals

Edward Cohen writer and producer of documentaries for public television. In 1999 published book The Peddler's Grandson: Growing Up Jewish in Mississippi

Richard Cohen local filmmaker; two of his works, Hurry Tomorrow and Deadly Force, played at the Fox Venice

Rob Cohen director, house on walk street

Allen Cole , writer of fantasy, historical, and suspense novels, now lives in Florida.

Gary Collins actor, born in Venice

Tom Conway - British actor who played Sherlock Holmes. In 1965 was discovered living in a $2-a-day Venice flophouse

Eleanor Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola director

Maureen Cotter writer, active in Beyond Baroque's Creative Non-fiction workshop, has been called "the Deviant Diva of Venice"

Georgiana Randolph Craig has been called the queen of comedic mystery. Almost every fact of her life is open to dispute, but she did live here at one point. She was married to Lawrence Lipton, and the USC Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection has a bunch of letters they wrote each other in the ‘50s. They co-authored 22 books under the joint pen name of Craig Rice in the late ‘30s and early ‘40s.

Brett Cullen actor

Gloria DeHaven burglarized, jewelry stolen

William de los Santos street person and former speed freak, wrote the script for Spun and accosted its soon-to-be director on a local street.

Joan Del Monte writer, canal district

Chuck Diederich founder of Synanon lived here and held meetings in a garage before moving the institution to the old armory on the beach at Santa Monica

Richard Dreyfuss - the Canal district

Richard Dry novelist

Isadora Duncan dancer

Theresa Duncan screenwriter

Robert Dunn screenwriter

Charles Eames

Mark Ebner author of Hollywood, Interrupted

Blossom Elfman (also known as Clair) writer

Bodhi Elfman actor in series Freedom

Jenna Elfman actress Dharma and Greg

Louis Elfman writes for Venice Magazine

Richard Elfman musician and entrepreneur

Peter Elbling writer, actor, and director

Alexander Eliot writer

Jane Eliot writer

E.T. shared a Venice studio apartment with a roommate (Mac from "Mac and Me.") according to Entertainment Weekly, March 2002

Jodie Evans founding member of CodePink

Dan Fante novelist

Gerry Fialka

Nancy Fitzgerald novelist

Carol Fondiller longtime Free Venice Beachhead writer

Marc Forster director

Mark Galluzzo director

Randy Gardner skating partner of Tai Babilonia

J. Watson Garman photographer, member of the Hollywood Underground, whose hobby is celebrity grave hunting.

William Garrett writer, used to live in Gas House

C. H. Garrigues journalist

George Garrigues journalist

Kathleen Gasperini is a writer for numerous action-sports and alternative publications

Mark Goffman writer of TV shows "West Wing" and "Spin City" "Odd Man Out."

Julie Golden screenwriter

Lauren Greenfield photographer

Nancy Griffin West Coast editor AARP magazine, married to architect Steve Ehrlich

Matt Groening - Canal district

Linda Hamilton

Wayland D. Hand author of Magical Medicine: The Folklore Component of Medicine in the Folk Belief, Custom and Ritual of the Peoples of Europe and America

Catherine Hardwicke director

Jean Harlow

Pat Hartman

Aaron Hass author of Teenage Sexuality - canal district

Nancy Hathaway

Bob Hegyes of Welcome Back Kotter, teacher at Venice High

Tamara Henry actress and animal lover

Alex Hertzberg agent

Dennis Hicks filmmaker

Gregory Hines moved to Venice Beach in 1973, stayed length of stay unknown

Endesha Ida Mae Holland - author of From the Mississippi Delta: A Memoir

Dennis Hopper - in an Oakwood house designed by Gehry, described as fortress on the outside, art gallery on the inside, since early 80s

Michael Horowitz writer

Diana Hrabowecki writer

Helen Hunt

Angelica Huston

Clifford Irving

Helen Hunt Jackson colleague of Abbot Kinney, author of Ramona

Nina Jacobson Disney president

Taliesin Jaffe actor

Ricky Jay illusionist, actor

Ricki Lee Jones

Janis Joplin

Bob Kaufman

Debra Kaufman filmmaker and journalist

Mickey Kaus journalist

Michael Keaton

Ken Kesey - canal district

Jeffrey Kimball cinematographer

Abbot Kinney founder of Venice

Kaaren Kitchell novelist, poet, facilitator of poetry readings

Kiyoko aka Amilda Kiyoko Tachibana McIntyre(Cuddy?) - actress, dancer, musician, astrologer, and one-time mistress of alleged serial killer, lived very near the beach (See Black Dahlia Avenger by Steve Hodel)

Andrew Koenig filmmaker

Ron Kovic Vietnam veteran, author of Born on the Fourth of July, had wheelchair with sail attached to cruise on the boardwalk

Stacie Krajchir writer, producer

Paul Krassner - lived in Venice and published The Realist from here

Kim Kupperman writer

Jay Kugelman producer, resident 1974-82

Maryjane Kwan author of A Sea Shore Memoir, definitive book on homegrown activism

Leslie Labowitz performance artist - "Sproutime" indoor hydroponic project in garage behind her house

Bill LaChasse photographer

Karen Landry

Mark Lane

Stan Laurel was filmed at his Venice home shortly before his death, by Bob Chatterton. "Someone had given Laurel a puppet of himself, and Laurel was clowning around with it." (Peter Apanel)

Frank Levering screenwriter

Lawrence Lipton

Eric Lively actor, bought Tony Bill‘s house, two-bedroom, 2,000-square-foot with high ceilings, glass block walls roof deck, indoor pond.

Pegarty Long filmmaker

Philomene Long poet

Marc Madow filmmaker, activist

Brandon Maggart bought house in 1985 from Tai Babilonia’s skating partner

Garett Maggart

Camryn Manheim

Vaughn Marlowe founder of On The Beach Bookstore

Director Peter McCarthy, who made the movie Floundering.

James McLure playwright, screenwriter

William McNally published Venice of America: The American Dream Come True, under the pseudonym of Sweet William

The co-writer of Roadie, Big Boy Medlin (of Odessa, Texas) lived on the "fringe of Venice" and said that he didn't believe writers should be interviewed. "Every screenwriter from the 30s and 40s who's been interviewed is dead now." Medlin also stated that it's bad luck to write anything before 10 a.m.

Sam Mercer producer

Lance Miccio filmmaker

Katherine Milton media developer

Stanley Mitchell

Perry Miyake playwright, novelist

Marilyn Monroe as a child

Dudley Moore 5505 Ocean Front Walk In March of 1994, it was the scene of Moore's arrest on domestic violence charges which required $50,000 bail. Later the lady changed her story and in April the two got married at this house.

Viggo Mortensen

Susan Moscowitz Doll Lady

Chris Mulkey

Daniel Henry Murray actor, lives in "converted crack house"

Rol Murrow filmmaker, co-founder Fox Venice Theater

Troy Niemans filmmaker

Ann Nietzke, author of Windowlight, in the Potter Apartments

Bill Norton - director of More American Graffiti and Losing It

Michael Ochs

Sean O'Keefe video game producer

Ed O'Neill - canal district

Kisha Xiomara Palmer writer and actress

Kip Pardue

Suzan-Lori Parks playwright

Kenneth Patchen

A.J. Peralta The Other Venice Film Festival

Stacy Peralta filmmaker

Stuart Z. Perkoff

Lori Petty

Mary Pickford

Polly Platt

Chris Prentiss - author of Little Book of Secrets: 81 Secrets for Living a Happy, Prosperous and Successful Life. The title says it all, and the author proves it by living in both Venice and Big Sur.

Michael Pressman

Ingo Rademacher actor, General Hospital

Ann Randolph writer, performer

Joe Ravetz writer, director, photographer

Travis W. Redfish fictitious screenwriter, creation of Big Boy Medlin

Keanu Reeves

Jennifer Reif writes about nature, ancient cultures, mythology

Frank Rios

Mark Rizzo actor, writer

Lisa Robbins actress

Julia Roberts lived with husband in "modest" $1.2 millon house on a walk street and also bought the lot next door, but moved to Malibu in February of 2004

Thomas Robischon philosopher, writer

James Cass Rogers author of Venice to Avalon and several other books

Henry Rollins credited as actor in 29 movies

Brian Routh - boardwalk performer, one of the Kipper Kids, married to artist Nina Sobell

Jerry Rubin activist - the Venice one not the national one, used to live on Sunset

Tupper Saussy author of a wonderful book Miracle on Main Street; tax resister who had been living "underground" for ten years when apprehended at his Venice home in 1997; composer, visual artist, filmmaker. Lived on Carroll Canal between 1995 and 1997.

Mario Savio of the Berkeley free speech movement used to live at Ocean Front Walk and 25th.

Paul Schrader and his brother lived in a one-bedroom place in Venice and spent two months writing The Yakuza.

Director Barbet Schroeder - in 1981 moved to Oakwood where (he said in a 1992 interview) "everything was happening all the time. You never needed television." He also described it as the best year of his life to that point.

John Schuck actor

Hanna Segal author of many books about psychoanalysis

Linda Seger wrote several books on various aspects of screenwriting

Rhoda Shapiro fiction writer

S. A. Shipley (Sharyn Shipley) playwright

Michael Shoob screenwriter

Ron Shusett

Brett Simon filmmaker- In April 2003, a Datax installation by Simon appeared at the Images Festival in Toronto, and his video about a Karaoke romance premiered at a Los Angeles gallery in June 2003.

G. Bruce Smith - Playwright/Journalist whose theatrical productions include The Last Pitch and The Pleasure Pod

Bruce Singer screenwriter

Ben Smith agent

Wesley Snipes

Keith Snyder novelist, filmmaker

Nina Sobell videographer, performance artist, studio in Venice

Suzanne Sommers and her husband (and a housekeeper, of course) - on the swank section of the Venice boardwalk, in a seven-level structure containing two offices, an atrium, sauna, etc. and Ms. Sommers's own 16-foot-high closet. (Feb. 1982)

Penelope Spheeris filmmaker, reportedly lived in Venice from 1969-74

Moe Stavnezer writer

Drew Stepek - novelist and TV writer

James Still playwright

Matt Stone of South Park

Oliver Stone

Frank Sufert filmmaker

Mena Suvari three-bedroom Craftsman house

Amber Tamblyn

Russ Tamblyn

Paul Tanck has written extensively about Venice, and has a book about music coming out soon.

Laura Shepard Townsend novelist

Danny Trejo actor

Alexander Trocchi

David Unger agent

Mark Valley actor

Herve Villechaize

Aajonus Vonderplanitz author of We Want To Live: The Best Diet For Diabetics

Jonathan Wacks filmmaker from South Africa

Becky Wahlstrom (Joan of Arcadia)

Roy Walford MD author, gerontologist, nutritionist

Fred Ward actor

Mae West said to have lived in a house later owned by John Lydon (Johnny Rotten)

Edward Weston regional director of Actors Equity

Sampson E. Whipple actor, born in Venice

Elijah Wood actor

Cassie Yates actor


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