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full-page ad for Venice in the Pacific Monthly, 1905

Full-page ad from
The Pacific Monthly
August 1905


The Birth of Venice
and Early Years

Artifacts from the Early Days

Full-page ad from The Pacific Monthly, August 1905

Venice of America is within the Corporate limits of Ocean Park, Los Angeles County, California.
Venice is within 35 miles of Los Angeles.
Venice is a substantial city of steel and brick.
Venice is constructing the only private breakwater in the U.S.
Venice Pleasure Piers, Pavilion, Auditorium, and other pleasure places are beautifully and substantially built, and are protected by the great breakwater.
Venice Ship "Cabrillo" Restaurant and Cafe is unique. It is attached to the Pleasure Pier and is laved by the Ocean.
Venice has two immense Bathhouses, one on the pool and one on the surf.
Venice has an excellent Gymnasium for men, women and children.
Venice Canals are enlivened with Gondolas, Canoes, Rowboats and Launches.
Venice's Main Business Street - Windward Avenue - is arcaded throughout, and a more magnificent business street is nowhere else to be seen.
Venice Saint Marks Hotel is first-class in every respect.
Venice is building a large tourist hotel of 300 rooms, to be known as the Hotel Venice.
Venice Beach for bathing is perfect, with surf or still water.
Venice Band contains 50 instruments.
Venice has one of the best and largest Pipe Organs in the world.
Venice Breakwater is unsurpassed for fishing.
Venice Garage and Stables are superior and suitable.
Venice Harbor is absolutely safe for yachts, launches, and other boats.
Venice will have the services of the enchanting Ellery Band during the winter.
Venice amusements are many and good, clean and wholesome.
Venice Railway is a miniature steam road that circles Venice.
Venice Congresses under the control of Benjamin Fay Mills, will be instructive and educational in a high degree.
Venice in a word is incomparable.

Information Bureau Angelus Hotel
216 W. Fourth St. Los Angeles, Cal.

above: from Sunset Magazine, December 1912

The two art postcards above are from 1907

1915 postcard (above)

The poem on the old postcard above seems to say:

Her Canals and Homes of Beauty
Charming Sunsets by the Sea,
Noted Band of Music playing,
All these things, worth while they be.

Great amusements for all comers,
Surf... Pools... Ocean bathing grand,
"Movie" Actors... Roller Coasters,
Dance Pavilions "beat the band."

Shouts of all kinds, home of "Movies,"
Riding, Fishing, Boating, Gee!
Place that always is a "Hummer,"
Is Grand Venice by the Sea.


Advertising, 1916

above: 1925 Chamber of Commerce brochure, outside and in


1910 or 1916 or thereabouts

Old poster, colorized by
Todd von Hoffman

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