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Venice Centennial 2005

Theo von Hoffman and daughter Kristina hold banner on Windward Avenue where parade ended.

Theo von Hoffman and daughter Kristina hold banner on Windward Avenue where parade ended.

Arthur Reese was the original decorator of old Venice when Abbot Kinney ran it. These Reese-inspired heads were made for the Centennial Parade by Venice High students as a tribute to the imaginative designer. The parade started at Westminster School. Todd von Hoffman sent in these pictures, with credit for the success of the project going to Sonya Reese Davis (granddaughter of Arthur Reese); the amazing giant puppet artist Michelle Berne of Celebration Arts; and art teacher Joanne Carrabio.

Todd von Hoffman as Emil Zapata

Trippy Chicken and Emil Zapata


The 75 Year Mark
July 1980

Venice is having its 75th anniversary, promoted as a three-day party with parades, beauty contests, music, dancing and of course fireworks.
40,000 tourists showed up for the official opening day of Venice on July 4, 1905. Abbot Kinney imported twenty-four gondoliers and a seventy-piece band from Italy. On the Grand Canal you could rent a canoe for a quarter.
O.P. treated Venice like a stepchild, and they quarreled over questions of liquor licenses, building permits and public services. Abbot Kinney did all he could to dis-incorporate but couldn't quite manage it, so he got his own people into the Ocean Park Board of Trustees and eventually controlled it that way instead. He set up his own police and fire departments so Venice wouldn't suffer from neglect at the hands of uncaring O.P. bureaucrats.

excerpted from Call Someplace Paradise















Left: Angela Loyd, of the musical group Samba de Oro (aka Chix With Stix). The heads were built by Joanne Carrabio's Venice High art students. Emil Zapata is Todd von Hoffman, who says "We both became instant volunteers to wear the heads when my high school students couldn't make it. We had a ball."


Huell Howser

Huell Howser

Here's the group along Abbot Kinney

Here's the group along Abbot Kinney


Left: The large Black papier mache figure is a rendering of Arthur Reese himself - created by Michelle Berne. The other figures are performers from her company, Celebration Arts.




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