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1978 Venice Festival Program

Venice Night Schedule of Events


"Roller Skate Dance" Harbinger Dance Theatre - 6:00

Canals, Calliopes & Chaos Tom Moran & Tom Sewell - 6:10

Brucemas Dan McLaughlin, 1968 - 6:30

I Don't Know Penelope Spheeris, 1971 - 6:35

Hey, Mama Vaughn Obern, 1968 - 6:55

L.A. Backwater Jeanne Rosenberg, 1974 - 7:15

Venice Patrick Mullins, 1978 - 7:35

Venice Beach 1978 David & Joanna Fessenden, 1978, S8 - 7:40

P.O.P. Time Lapse Bill Alsup & Robb Stelle, 1976, S8 - 7:55

On Oceanfront Walk Mark Rosner, 1977 - 8:05

Evil is Live Spelled Backwards Dan McLaughlin, 1970 - 8:25


Fresh Food (Stage front, center)

T-Shirts (Stage left)

Books & Magazines (Stage right)

Videotapes: Color Display Auditorium right:

Damn Everything but the Circus Westside Video, 1975

Uncle Bill Jim Rosselini, 1978

Hare Krishna Festival People John Hunt, 1978

Jazz on West Washington David Walsh, 1978

Videotapes: Black & White Display Auditorium left:

Too Poor to Live Here Westside Video, 1975

Venice Fruit Tramps Video Explorations, 1977

Windward Avenue Sketches John Hunt, 1976

Venice Canal Festival Janice Yudell, 1975


Dance Mexicana: "Las Perlitas" (Madres Unidas)

Lou Erb, vibes, marimba

Paintings by Bob Farrington

Venice Slide Retrospective (Annette Del Zoppo & Lance Diskan)

Plus special surprises:

Venice, California: Feeding the Sparrows by Feeding the Horses

Moritz Borman, 1978, World Premiere - 9:30

Academy Award Qualifying Short Films

Blow Job, Gravity, A Different Approach, Promises - -11:00

(back of program)

We especially want to thank:

Bill Alsup & Rob Stelle for their P.O.P. Time Lapse, shot during the demolition of the pier. They currently work as Budget Neon "entertaining teenagers and drunks with flash."

Tony Bill, Paul Challacombe & Gary Jordan, who donated the searchlight for the evening's festivities.

Moritz Borman who is currently freelancing for NDR-TV Hamburg in the U.S. He was a directing fellow at the American Film Institute in 1976, and has written and directed for German TV.

Lance Diskan is the fool who organized Venice Night. His attempts at "video, photography, yellow journalism, xerography, poetry and junk mail" may have proven fruitless, but he expects tonight's events to catapult him to international fame.

Lou Erb for bringing his vibes back to Venice from his Isla Vista hideout.

Bob Farrington for bringing some of his great paintings of the Venice scene back to where he painted them. His images chronicle the beat infusion from 1950 until the Gas House closed in 1962, and he painted "every house and oil well" until the increased rent drove him to Lake Arrowhead in 1972.

David & Joanna Fessenden are responsible for our movie in Super 8 depicting the 1978 summer along the Oceanfront Walk.

The Free Venice Beachhead which contributed free space to help seek materials for tonight's event as well as publicity and other welcome support.

George Gineris is the artist who designed our posters and handbills.

Ken Greenwald is the coproducer of Brucemas and says he's an "ex-comedian." His films have been nominated for Academy Awards in the documentary short subject division.

Harbinger Dance Theatre whose highly diversified repertoire affords tonight's highly entertaining "Roller Skate Dance" which shows how that ancient artform must "move" to keep up with innovation & invention.

John Hunt is the technical wizard running the video installation this evening. A long-time Venice resident & video pioneer, he produced Windward Avenue Sketches.

Larry Janss and Venice Precision Roller Works and Road Skates International for their donation of videotape to record the evening's events.

Peter Kaufner founded Cinedesign Film Productions in Hamburg, and is a cinematographer for European TV. He coproduced and photographed Venice, California: Feeding the Sparrows by Feeding the Horses.

The Los Angeles Women's Communication Collective is run by "two strange women" in Venice interested in socialist-feminist issues found in everyday life.

Luna Video is operated by Pat Blessing and Judy Reidel, who are part of tonight's video documentation team. They have worked on numerous video projects, and specialize in videotaping weddings & other occult ceremonies.

Madres Unidas are a dozen women who perform traditional Mexican folk dances at Venice sites and many local schools.

Dan McLaughlin heads the animation division of the motion picture department at UCLA as well as making his delightful cartoon creations.

Tom Moran has written numerous pieces about Venice for local publications and is now preparing a book on Venice history.

Patrick Mullins is from New York (and he even admits to being from New Jersey) and he's been making 16mm films for two years. He wants to make a synch-sound film about the Oceanfront next.

Vaughn Obern currently runs Ramsgate Films, an educational film production and distribution company located in Santa Monica. He's taught film production at UCLA.

Peace Press deserves all our kudos for printing our flyers, handbills, posters and programs in their vibrant, classy way.

Jim Rosselini is a resident Venice filmmaker and videomaker who has recently completed 11 short films and a documentary feature on West African culture. His concern is that Third World people get "equal time."

Jeanne Rosenberg recently wrote the screenplay for The Black Stallion, a new Francis Ford Coppola production which opens this spring. She made L.A. Backwater with Jane Spille, Zane Segal, Mike Murphy and Susan Wing, while she was a student at USC.

Mark Rosner is currently a fellow at the American Film Institute, finishing the mix on the track of his latest film, Save the Last Dance for Me.

Don Rothenberg, aka Chief of Operations of Video Explorations, lives in the New Age and is interested in travel, photography, poetry and video. He is completing a tape about the Venice beat poets.

Tom Sewell calls his film an attempt to recreate the flavor of Venice at the turn of the century by "someone that loves Venice."

Penelope Spheeris has concentrated on nonconformity in her films. A 1969-74 Venice resident, she just produced Real Life, a comedy by Albert Brooks, for Paramount.

The Venice Archives collects Venice materials in all media for use and eventual display at the Venice Museum. It has no known phone number or address.

The Venice Community Playgroup is a parent-run community day-care facility for children aged 18 months to five years. They have helped publicize Venice Night through the mails and along Oceanfront Walk. Throughout the evolution of the process for distribution of the proceeds, they have been exceptionally understanding.

Westside Video is really Lance Diskan, Neil Goldstein, David Kasper & Will Swan, who have an ongoing interest in documenting Venetian affairs. They are participating in videotaping this celebration of community at the Fox Venice.

All those people who contributed energy, time or money anonymously.


© 2004 - 2012 Pat Hartman
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