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Venice Games


Cops ‘n’ Dopers (Policies y Drogueros) 1977
Mayflower Unlimited, Venice

This is actually a book, laid out as a game. Its publicity read, "The average and otherwise law-abiding pot smoker does not, as a rule, know his Fourth Amendment rights from his probable cause, making him an easy bust and usually an easy conviction. Here’s a 32-page illustrated booklet in both English and Spanish that light-heartedly but accurately educates anyone (young people, especially) in how to politely but firmly exercise his constitutional rights when Officer Friendly makes an unexpected appearance"

Los Angeles in a Box
Games Unlimited

"Advance with token of your choice to Venice Beach. Surf's Up! Advance to Pacific Ocean. Collect everything in center of board. You oughta be in pictures! Advance to Hollywood.
The Game Includes: Tokens movie reel, cookie, surfboard, rollerblade, sunglasses, sailboat. Board Spaces: Watts Tower, Venice Beach, Farmer's Market, Hollywood, Dodger Stadium, Malibu, Walk of Fame"


Ultimate Beach Soccer
DreamCatcher Games

"….puts gamers on to a `sandy soccer pitch', where tricks and flicks are the name of the game. Games take place on Venice Beach, USA and gorgeous beaches in Brazil, France and Thailand. Gamers play as or against 32 teams from around the world, accessing un-lockable bonus teams for winning league or cup tournaments. Artistic points are earned for cool moves that send players into the Power-up Mode."

Skate and Slam

"Play the part of an amateur street skater trying to get noticed and turn pro. Pull wicked tricks on the streets of San Francisco or Venice Beach! Improve your style to attract sponsors and land new contracts. Your streetsmart agent wants you to turn pro but don'’t let her down or she'’ll let you have it. Skate & Slam is the first realistic arcade game devoted to street skateboarding. In Qualifying mode, you have to improve your style and pull increasingly risky tricks. Each of the six levels in Career mode includes three levels of difficulty. If you prove yourself in training, you’ll demo for sponsors to sign new contracts. That’s when you really have to turn on the juice and rip up the street!"

Summer Heat Beach Volleyball

"offers 14 female characters with specific attributes, abilities, and outfits. The 12 locations include: Flamingo Pier, Venice Beach, Emerald Marina, and Silver Sands Beach. Each player can learn special moves and enhance their abilities by winning, and users can unlock hidden secrets along the way."


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