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Institutions, Organizations, Foundations

Alliance for Survival
One of the most stridently vocal presences in the activist realm for many years. Organized many events including in the 1980s, "Take an Auntie Nuke to Lunch", described as a gala luncheon at the newly renovated Venice Pavilion theater complex. It promised food coordinated by the owner of the West Beach Cafe and a show called "Sex and the Single Bombshell" and coffee and dessert with some of the 300 Artists for Survival members. In the summer of 1983, everybody in the world was invited to a potluck dinner and the wedding of Jerry Rubin (the West Coast one, not the nationally famous one) to a woman who was also very active in Alliance for Survival.

Antioch University West
had a presence on Rose Ave. in 1980; I have no idea how long it was there before and after that date. It was a branch of the school founded in Ohio in 1852, offering "individually designed concentrations" which I guess means you can make up a degree program for yourself.

Clare Foundation
Drug addiction recovery

Geekstompers of America
Early in 1981, someone handed me a legal-size flyer, printed on both sides, which proselytized for a National Geek Crackdown. It originated with someone called Freddie Blassie and his organization, Geekstompers of America. For around $15, you could join and receive supplies and equipment, like a generous supply of Geek Repellent, a bumper sticker that says "I don't brake for geeks," etc. The address Venice 90291 post office box.

The Heinlein Society
There doesn’t seem to be any connection between the great speculative fiction master and Venice, other than postal convenience. The mailing address is PO Box 1254, Venice, California 90294-1254

Kids Café
branch of a nationwide program that provides daily hot meals to low-income and homeless children. The cafe is a collaboration between the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and the Children's Action Network, founded by Henry Winkler (the Fonz from “Happy Days”) and Kate Capshaw.

Liberty Hill Foundation
"tax-exempt public charity that funds progressive grassroots projects in the Los Angeles area." The address is a Venice post office box. They published a book *Gift Giving Guide - Methods and Tax Implications of Giving Away Money* It teaches you how to "fund change, not the Pentagon."

Neighborhood Justice Center
We have a thing here called the Neighborhood Justice Center that offers free mediation services, which are mostly called upon for landlord-tenant disputes and consumer problems. It's one of only three in the entire country, a pilot project begun by the Department of Justice. So far, the official results indicate that "the performance of mediation agreements is much better than that of court-imposed remedies." Currently there are 29 volunteer mediators, who all took a 70-hour course to qualify. In its first three years, the Justice Center took 10,000 calls and walk-ins. In 4,000 of these, referrals to other agencies were made. Over 2,000 cases have been opened and 900 disputes successfully mediated. In January the county board of supervisors gave the bar association $18,000 to give the Justice Center, and the state matched the amount.
(excerpted from Call Someplace Paradise. Summer 1981)

Oakwood Wesley House
low-income housing, Christmas food baskets, the Police Practices Complaint Center

Program for Torture Victims
604 Rose Avenue

Project Venice
oral history project begun by Melinda Kashuba, Ph.D. and Carolyn Elayne,;then Alexander became chair. Historical society bought old photos from whoever had them.

Public Radio Program Directors
national association is based here

Surf Camp Scholarships
for Blind and Inner-City Children has been hosted for six summers by Kanoa Aquatics. For a week, over sixty kids learn about ocean safety and surfing. The company raises money through grants and donations, and supplies the equipment and expertise. They say most of the kids end up being able to ride a wave.

Tuum Est
is Latin for "It's Up To You," which is the name of a heroin rehabilitation hostel (founded in 1970) on the boardwalk, in one of the old hotels. (It has nothing to do with est, which stands for Erhard Seminars Training.) I have heard that it was started because the police used the presence of addicts in the population to justify thumping on just about anybody. The response of the locals was to open a rehabilitation center that has a good reputation and/or a good public relations department. Tuum Est accommodates 90 residents at a time. Their educational and vocational training includes raising chickens at the Prairie Flower Ranch. They also run a thrift store on West Washington. The residents get work experience and then move on to the next stage: get a regular job but still live at the facility. After adjusting to that, the next step is move out, but come back for encounter groups once a week for at least six months.
(excerpted from Call Someplace Paradise, summer 1983)

Window Between Worlds
Non-profit founded in 1991, dedicated to using art as a healing tool for battered women and children, to help end domestic violence.

Women in Recovery, Inc.
non-profit organization offering a live-in, 12-Step program of rehabilitation for women in need.


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