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Venice Games

Venice Centennial

Birth of Venice and early years

Venice in Films

Actors, Filmmakers and Writers in Venice live or lived

Actors, Filmmakers and Writers in Venice hung out

Venice on TV

Venice and Theater

Program of the 1978 Venice Festival at the Fox Venice Theater

The Festival

Tale of the Fox
(from Free Venice Beachhead)

1981 Resistance Celebration Schedule

1981 Resistance Celebration Articles

The Rhythm of Venice Beach

University of Venice

Fox Venice Theater

Beats film

Venice - Ocean Park

Showbiz Comes to Venice

Spoken Word

Annual Events


Institutions, Organizations, Foundations

Rubber Tramps of

Vector Supercar

Paul Tanck on
Venice-related films

The Venice Walk

JJ for President




Publishers, print, graphics, bookstores, distributors

Publishers include indies that existed only to publish one book.

Animal Press had a California Avenue address

Brooklyn Boy Books specializes in teaching people how to penetrate the record industry

Crystal Network Foundation example: The Lazy Way to Crystal Understanding 1987

Essential Media - mail order supplier of weird books. started by Kevin Segall at age 22, lasted a really long time for an alternative business, put out a great catalog great to read all on its own. No longer operating.

Feral House - publisher with attitude, a major presence when zines ruled the earth, and today even more a name to be conjured with. In 2003, Feral House chief Adam Parfrey joined the likes of Paul Krassner and John Doe to benefit Beyond Baroque, via the DIY Book Festival.

Heaven Ink


Living Planet Press specializes in books about the environment and wildlife.

Ocean Front Publishers example: Dance with the Devil 1995

Parthena Press - example: Candy (1968) by Maxwell Kenton

Peace Press - founded in 1967 by Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and The Resistance to give a printed voice to dissent. During its two decades as the most progressive print shop in Los Angeles, Peace Press printed for more than three hundred organizations, including the United Farm Workers, Daniel Ellsberg Defense Committee, Black Panther Party, Free Angela Davis Committee, Alliance for Survival, American Indian Movement, Earth Day, the Free Venice Collective, and more

Recyclepedia Bookstore - existed in 2002

Sacred Beverage Press

Venice Books - examples: Hellcats on Wheels 1969; Offbeat Orgies 1971 by Edward D.Wood (writing as Norman Bates)

Wave Publishing - recipes, art, literature, children‘s

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