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from the Free Venice BeachHead - text of the events calendar for the 1981

Venice Celebration
Heritage of Resistance

Events: Weeks of films, videotapes, community celebrations, music, poetry, politics, workshops and extravaganzas organized by Ed Pearl to coincide with the exhibition. $2.00 donation for all events. No one turned away for lack of funds. For more information call SPARC at 822-9560. All events will be held as SPARC, located at 685 Venice Blvd., Venice, CA 90291. Video and films arranged by John Hunt.

Exhibition: An unusual installation focusing on the changes in Venice over the past thirty years and celebrating the cultural communities presently in Venice, will be housed in the Old Venice Jail Gallery at SPARC. The exhibit will feature an historic timeline with documentary photographs, fliers, posters, commentary and quotes to convey the ongoing struggles and the factors that have contributed to the changing face of our community. Come see the very first BeachHead, broadsheets from the 1950 Beat poets, archival materials from various community activists, fine art photographs and much, much more. Exhibition coordinated by Linda Eber and Mary-Linn Hughes.

March 20: Our Opening! 7 to 10 p.m.
The magnificent exhibit of our survival, displayed in the jail section, can be seen beginning at 7 p.m. At 8 p.m., the downstairs theater will feature the only feature ever done on Venice, Moritz Bormann's "Feeding the Sparrows by Feeding the Horses." Charlie Chaplin's 1947 short "Car Races in Venice" will also be shown. Hosted by Dr. Video.

March 21: New Music of Venice 8 p.m.
With Eric Ahlberg, Toni Marcus, and neighbors. Venice has always come up with vanguard notes and themes, from Ramblin' Jack Elliott, in the 50's to Canned Heats beginning right here in the 60's. Watch out for the 80's.

March 22: Reproductive Right Teach-In 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
In commemoration of the vibrant history of women in Venice organizing for their rights. Beginning at 10 a.m., workshops for women and men will deal with such topics as the history and present legal status of abortion, the crisis in prenatal care and child-teenage sexuality, sterilization abuse, gay and lesbian rights and women and alcohol and substance abuse. Sponsored by L.A. Committee for Abortion Rights & Against Sterilization Abuse. Childcare provided. Call 822-9560 for schedule and further information.

March 23: Venice Women in Art 8 p.m.
a 50 min. videotape just shot of panel discussion by over 40 Venice artists, focusing on the history and how they see the near future for themselves, their professions, and their community. Video by Maryjane. Discussion of resources, needs and problems will ensue.

March 24: Venice in Resistance 8 p.m.
A Tuesday night poetry series in the longtime tradition of the word as sword and lover. Joe Hansen and John Harris are founders of the 12 year old Venice Poetry Workshop and are read and published as "The Bridge Poets."

March 25: Video Night 8 p.m.
An evening of video, featuring John Hunt's documentation of local life and struggles. "Windward Avenue sketches, 1,2,3,4", 1976; "Ocean Front Walk", 1978; "Venice Venus:A Portrait of Vena", 1977. Also, "Free Emma Viser", 1975 by Janice Yudell, and "A Portrait of the Pagoda" by Abbey Breit. Live performance by Butch Mudbone.

March 27: Chicano Life: 8 p.m.
A celebration of Chicano life in Venice. Corridos, comedy, Salza, poetry, conjuntos and traditional folk song, highlighted by the just released film, "La Nueva Chicana". Live performances by Manzanar, Chino, Memo Gonzales et al.

March 28: Women in Health 1 p.m.
A special matinee showing of a Maryjane videotape on Women in Health. (Be it known that the very first family planning clinic started right here in Venice) wide ranging discussion of current problems and possibilities will be led by some of the women featured on the tape.
Women's Celebration 8 p.m.
An evening of music, poetry, food and fun for women from Venice and all over the city to celebrate our rich heritage of resistance. A potluck event: bring food, songs, stories and poetry to share. Childcare provided. A women only event. Special musical treat provided by Silvia Kohan.

March 29: Video Night: Environment 8 p.m.
Dr. Video returns with 16mm and Super 8. "POP Time Lapse" by Bill Alsop; "Venice Beach 1978" by David & Johanna Fessender; "Waiting With Cigarette" by Amy Halpern; "Hey Momma" by Vaughn Obern and "I Don't Know" by Penelope Spheeris.

March 31: 8 p.m.
Poetry series continues with Frances Dean Smith, a longtime, much respected, and widely published Venice poet.

April 1: Lance Diskan 8 p.m.
Video extravaganza hosted by the one and only Lance Diskan, who also produced all the stuff shown tonight. Videotapes: "Damn Everything But the Circus": "Too Poor to Live Here"; plus slide show, poster display and a print table. Discussion.

April 2: We Shall Not Be Moved 8 p.m.
An excellent slide show on gentrification (where rich move in and kick out the poor) in Cincinnati, will kick off a discussion on Venice's future and its relationship to other struggles around the country. Hosted by Rick Davidson.

April 3: Number Our Days 8 p.m.
"Number Our Days" is a warm and insightful film done by Barbara Meyerhoff and Lynne Littman on the elderly Jewish community who form the Israel Levin Center; their lives, problems and future. Morrie Rosen, director of the Center, will host and critique.

April 4: The Back Yard that Nobody Wanted 8 p.m.
This is the theme of an all-too-rare performance by Carol Fondiller, singer Silvia Kohan and friends, in a true Venice melange of bards, bongos and bellydancing.

April 5: Oneg Shabbat 2 p.m.
The Israel Levin Center will present a real "Oneg Shabbat", the traditional Jewish welcoming of the Sabbath. We are honored to welcome our elders and join them in song, dance and celebration. Longtime Venice musician Phil Bell will also perform.
Historic Records 8 p.m.
Historic records on 16mm film are featured this evening. "Canals and Calliopes" by Tom Sewell; "Venice Renaissance" by Jim Rosellini and a new feature by Philomene Long, entitled "The Beats, an Existential Comedy."

April 7: Holly Prado 8 p.m.
Venice's poetry tradition continues with Holly Prado, whose latest book is "How the Culture Looks Today" and who conducts workshops at the Woman's Building.

April 8: Venice Artists 8 p.m.
Dr. Video focuses on Venice Artists: "Uncle Bill" by Jim Rosellini; "Jazz at the Front Porch" by John Hunt & Paul Challacombe; "Anthony Fiorello, 77; A Video Portrait" By John Hunt; "The Great Wall of Los Angeles" by Donna Deitch and "The Venice Canal Festival" by Janice Yudell. See if you're there!

April 9: Oakwood Youth 8 p.m.
Oakwood youth show their stuff: The Togetherness Band, the G.A.P. Dancers, the POP Locker Dancers, Mime Reginald Callahan, Comedian Rachel Sheila, the Lockers and the New Horizon Roller Skaters! The show is absolutely fantastic!

April 10: Black Culture 8 p.m.
Black culture in Venice continues with a variety evening, including legendary Blues player Uncle Bill, poets Larry Abrams, Naomi Nightingale and Lucile Soil, the Lodge Sisters gospel singers, the Iya and Billy Harris bands.

April 11: Poetry & Jazz 8 p.m.
In 1958, Venice's own Gashouse began what was to become a national "Beat" tradition of combining poetry and jazz. Several outstanding poets of that era will read this evening, including William Margolis, Frank Rios, Paul Brooks, Carol Fondiller, Michael Dahlberg and Tony Scibilla. The great Frank Morgan will provide music.

April 12: Our Festival Concludes 8 p.m.
with a media look at our own history. "L.A. Backwater" by Jane Spiller; "A Series of Video Interviews" by Arnold Springer, of many who help form our Venice Heritage, including George Tabor, Abbott Kinney's chauffeur, Virginia Horner, the second person born in Venice, Bob Castille of the Oakwood Wesley House, Rick Davidson, and the Venice BeachHead Collective. Also, a slide show by SPARC artist Linda Eber. Dr. Video will reveal his identity.


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