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Venice on TV

This is the most disorganized and incoherent page so far - it‘s not even alphabetized! - mostly because when it comes to television, the Webslave is short on experience and long on ignorance. But what the hell. If there’s a chance somebody could find an interesting or useful tidbit here, might as well go for it. Additions and corrections are, as always, welcome.

made-for-TV movie science fiction 1992 In Venice, Calif., a woman awakens to spot odd workmen forcing their way into the house


Venice skateboarder Rich Zuccarello was in one episode; Philip Martin played a Venice Beach cop in one episode

Real People
April 1981 featured Venice Beach including Susan Moscowitz the Doll Lady, who had been dead more than a year, and Swami X

Salute to the Statue of Liberty
July 1984 TV special
About five minutes of Venice Beach footage at the very end: skaters, the weight pen, some masters of break dancing, crowds applauding musicians, etc. The narrator spoke of Venice as an example of freedom at work, and said we have no problems here.

Three’s Company
beach footage under the credits

The Fugitive
some location work in Venice

Get Smart
some location filming

Simon & Simon
at least one episode with some Venice location work

probably more than one episode took place in Venice at least partly

The A-Team
some location work

Joe Millionaire
A Fox show where apparently, twenty women were taken to a French chateau to meet a guy who supposedly just inherited $50 million. Fox publicity claimed that the guy, Evan Marriott, was actually a construction worker who made less than 20 grand a year. (Are you with me so far?) It would take a wiser person than the Webslave to explain why this earned Fox "its highest ratings ever outside of major sporting events." Then, some newspaper revealed that prior to getting involved with this TV enterprise, Evan Marriott had actually been renting a $1.7 million house in Venice, not a situation you‘d expect for a construction worker.

Gilmore Girls
cast included a character named Jess, who was going to do a spin-off show of his own, though whether this ever happened I can’t tell you. This was early in 2003, the actor’s name was Milo Ventimiglia, and Jess was going to move to Venice Beach where his dad Jimmy had just opened a hot dog stand, and then get mixed up with a skater gang.

Gilmore Girls spinoff project - spring 2003 drama, something about a skateboarding crew and an estranged father.

Tom Green Show
one critic who listed the stupid things he’d seen on the show included "a garishly painted dwarf in costume skateboarding wildly up and down California's Venice Beach's boardwalk - and that's it."

Star Trek
"Future's End, Part I" shown in 1996
For purposes of the episode, it’s the 24th century and what used to be Venice is a big coral reef, having been remodeled in the Hermosa Quake of 2047.
Time travelers visit Venice Beach in 1996, encountering "bikini beach babes, punkers on roller blades, admen on stilts, an infinite variation of styles and outfits, and various stages of undress." One character says "We could have worn our Starfleet uniforms and fit right in."

Pacific Station
early Nineties series about a "by-the-book police detective assigned to the eccentric beat of Los Angeles' Venice Beach area" Robert Guillaume was in it.

A Death in Venice CA
made-for-TV movie 1995, Mona Dickens

produced by Aaron Spelling, a columnist describes visiting the location set on the sand.

Shasta McNasty
Sitcom meant to appeal to people who used to like the Monkees TV show. Three young hip-hop musicians trying to get by in a loft apartment near the boardwalk. An episode with Gary Busey is described thus: "A Thanksgiving visit to a homeless shelter reunites Dennis with his deadbeat father Jack, who moves in with the guys, prompting them to find a way to reunite Jack with his stripper girlfriend in order to get him out of their pad." Another episode, which seems to concern midget boxing, is titled "The Menace from Venice."

The Menace of Venice
was the title of a 1965 cartoon show featuring Sinbad Jr. but I don’t know which Venice and only assume it’s the California one.

Across America
HDNet series, episode 104: "Hanging out in Venice, California, is more than just a day at the beach. From glass walkers to fast talkers…"

The Jamie Kennedy Experiment
Comedy "At Venice Beach, Calif., Jamie poses as a sketch artist who draws revealing portraits of his subjects."

Lou Grant
Episode #4.15 titled "Venice," might be California

The Man Show
This appears to be a show where the crew goes around doing things in public places for a goof, somewhat like the Cacophony Society. So they put up a table on the boardwalk with signs exhorting passers-by sign a petition to "End Suffrage of Women Now!" Like the people who don’t realize an item from the Bill of Rights when they hear it, and guess that it’s part of some Commie manifesto, apparently many people don’t know that "suffrage" means women get to vote.

Ben Stein & Nancy Pimental
The 2001 season premiere shot at Venice Beach, also a 2001 episode with Playboy centerfold models, and another that satirized "Survivor"

South Park
Production used to take place in Venice. In one episode, titled "Die Hippie, Die": "Cartman tries to eliminate hippies from the face of the earth ……. warns the citizens of South Park that it will only be a matter of days before the town becomes the Hippie Capital of the World…..the hippies plan to stage a weeklong music fest."

Sex Confessions: Venice Beach (18+)
"boldly goes where no TV show has gone before: directly to the core of the largest sex organ in the human body: the mind. "

The Mod Squad
In the first episode, the Other Half were shown performing "No Girl Gonna Cry" at the Cheetah.

Herb Alpert TV special
A segment was filmed in the ballroom of the Cheetah just before it opened

Just Legal
Only 3 episodes were made, starring Don Johnson as jaded lawyer who hires teen-age law school graduate.

California Fever

ad for X-Box
shot on Ocean Front Walk

Pacific Blue (1990's)
Mountain-bike riding police officers patrol the ocean front. Quite a few episodes of this program seem to take place on Venice Beach. In one the villain is an unlicensed vendor called "Snakeman" and a female officer accidentally wins a wet t-shirt contest. In #11, "The Phoenix," an arsonist believed to have perished years ago reappears. In #12 "The Big Spin" the villains are a duo of Harley riders who rob merchants and flee on their choppers. In #16, "Rapscallions," a boardwalk building manager and skinhead friends try to make tenants move out of apartments so the building can be demolished and pricey condos built.

Shore Things
PBS show included 10 or 15 minutes of Venice


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