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Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie Lee Jones is a Venice homegirl all the way - starting from age 18, anyhow. She arrived in 1973 and stayed about six years. 30 years ago she won a Grammy for being the Best New Artist, and the deciders on that committee were right on. She's still the best. Her first album won a Platinum Grammy Award.

In the singer's own words:

I played with some bluegrass players from time to time, around 1976, when we first started taking things down to the boardwalk to sell them, instead of having our garage sale at our house. Everyone was poor, but we were poor together. The black men playing congas, the teenaged girls like me at the Comeback Inn and the Sky Light Cafe. I lived, mostly, at 21 Westminster next door to Dennis Dean. That was an ivy covered brick building with one room flats you shared with roaches. Also lived across the street briefly. Characters that showed up in "Night Train," from Rags Baker to Due McVinney and Mary Simon, Pamela the African Queen, so many characters. Nick Mathe and Uncle Bill, Yusef Rahman , Ivan Ulz .... all people i recall.....

Songs like "Makin Whoopie," Paul Simon, Tom Waits and Louden Wainwright songs. Alfred Johnson and I met on the beach in Venice, playing Laura Nyro songs, "Since I Fell," that kind of thing, on the white piano. We became song writing partners. Alfred and I wrote two songs on my first record.... We have begun to visit after all these years. He is an amazing man.

Photo courtesy of a fan who says, Rickie Lee Jones with Peter Athanason, June 15, 2007, at City Stages, Birmingham, Alabama, birthplace of Sun Ra and where Dr. King wrote his jail letter from. Rickie seems to really put a lot into it, before and during a show. I think that she, Sinatra, and Bob Dylan are the 3 greatest singers of our time. They each seemed to listen to, trust, and respect their hearts or their muse and be willing to honestly and autonomously serve what they heard or felt without a lot of concern as to whether it was going to resemble something previously done.








Photo courtesy of J. Lynch

Rickie Lee Jones, by the tour bus in front of the Portage Theatre in Chicago, Saturday February 24, 2007. She put on a great show and then stayed by the bus for photographs and autographs, even though it was snowy and windy.

Hear and see for yourself

"Makin' Whoopee" - Dr. John and Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie Lee Jones Plays "Wild Girl"

Rickie Lee Jones "The Moon Is Made of Gold"

A 45 minute interview with Rickie Lee Jones

Another interview

A very good friend of mine said, "she feels and believes what she is playing, and in return made me feel and believe. What more is there to music?"
............................J. Lynch

"People who appreciate Rickie Lee Jones are usually real special."




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