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Songs Inspired by
or Named for Venice

This is reaching a bit, but the Iggy Pop song Kill City is about Pacific Ocean Park and includes the line, "I'm living in Kill City where the debris meets the sea."

Venice Beach by The Confidentials - From their album Brand New Day

The Last Night at the Gas House A long ballad about the final night when the cops raided the place and hauled everyone away. Heard by someone at the Unicorn around 1961. Lots of great verses, both funny and poignant. One correspondent heard it on FM radio in Los Angeles around 1965. Written and performed by Stevenson Phillips, an occasional actor and otherwise storyteller. He released an album Songs and Stories of Stevenson Phillips in 1964 and it is believed this song is included.

Moon Over Venice by David Scott written in 1973 has been called “the definitive song about Venice”, especially as sung by Silvia Kohan

Venice Beach EP by The Egg

Venice Queen is a Red Hot Chili Peppers song that has been called beautiful, moody, suite-like - but is it our Venice?

Rooming House On Venice Beach song by Jonathan Richman, from the album I, Jonathan

George Winston wrote Venice Dreamer and the liner notes say it’s in memory of David Fleck - but who was he? Winston's name is associated with some local musicians such as Joe Fahey, so maybe the music is connected to the American Venice.

Venice by the Sea is a song on the Venice Underground DVD movie - written and performed by some combination of Peter DiStefano, David Baerwald, Eric Avery, others

Venice by the Sea Venice Beat Club

Jazz trumpeter Rick Braun does a number called Missing in Venice

Lyrics by the Hurriganes, a Finnish rock and roll band, include
Crazy days in Venice west
Laughing like a chimpanzee
Soapy dopes on muscle beach
Stinks like a barrel of cheese

Venice Beach, written by Pete White, is on his Caravan of Dreams album.

In 2003 Perry Farrell talked about the song To Match the Sun - how he and his wife, sad about his imminent departure, went to the Venice seashore. "Let's watch the sun go down and set our hearts to it. And tomorrow, even though I'll be somewhere else, we'll watch the sunset and know that we're in tune and feeling each other.

Eric Marienthal and Jeff Lorger co-wrote One Day In Venice, described as "sensuous, cool retro-funk," and bluesy Hangin' On The Boardwalk

Arco Iris, a band from Argentina that played frequently at the Comeback Inn, wrote Alive in Venice

She's taking trips on me
I'm taking trips on her
Left the sunset back in Venice
I was on the freeway
Say you love me or I'll kill us!

.................................."Freeway" by Porno for Pyros

Venice Pier Strut is a 30 second piece on an album called Pacific Blue by Franke Christopher, who used to be in Tangerine Dream.

Bring The Mood from the Jane's Addiction album Strays is described by one critic as a "hippy song straight from the burnouts at Venice Beach"

Nights in Venice is a song by the Saints, but we don’t know which Venice this might be.

We are The Lovesick Lunatics!
Venice Beach, California is where we stay.
Emotional, melodic rock and roll is what we play!
No rules... just a flow...

Venice Mating Call Tim Buckley song; may or may not be the same as the unreleased "Venice" he wrote with Larry Beckett

Red Crayola has music named after where it was first performed:
Venice Pavilion Concert, Afternoon
Venice Motel, Evening: Piece One
Venice Motel, Evening: Piece Two

Boogie on the Beach and Venice USA are written and performed by The Red Elvises.

Venice Beach is a track on the album NO/1 by Sofus Forsberg, music of the ambient electronic kind.

Venice Pier Strut is on the album Pacific Blue by former Tangerine Dream member Franke Christopher

I Wanna Call in Sick Today
"Nothing is more fun than ditching work, going on a remorseless comic-book shopping spree and making love under a lifeguard tower off the Venice Boardwalk - and subversive anti-capitalist Melanie Bruck makes it all sound so inviting" (Falling James)

Venice Beach by Stevan Pasero on album Guitar Heartsongs

Smut Merchant of Venice (Beehive & the Barracudas) is in You've Got Your Orders (Volume 1). How it came about: "The idea was a simple one: contact the musicians in my record collection and ask them if they’d write a song if I gave them a song title." Jason Ziemniak, Chrome Peeler Records

Venice Beach Bob Neuwirth on the 1988 album Back To The Front

Venice Beach - recorded by Fragile State on their album Just Got Home

Suicide in Venice - on the album A Tribute to Suicidal Tendencies by Various Artists

Venice Beach Memories - is on Debbie Yeagers's CD Mood Swing

Got some bad shit
Then I walked the beach in Venice, oh!

from "Bad Shit" by Porno for Pyros

Keep Venice Nude - song by "Harry "The Hipster" Gibson


Albums, CDs, compilations

The Quiet Storm Of Venice Beach (2003) is a jazz/soul album recorded by “various artists“. Tracks include “L.A. Ghetto Serenade“ and “Venice Beach”

Bedouin's Paradise This album by composer/keyboardist/vocalist Jeanne Newhall was inspired by Gordon Wagner's poem "Venice" depicting the local scene in the 1920's. Includes "Race Thru the Clouds", named after one of the roller coasters of the early amusement park days.

Welcome to Venice - compilation LP 1985 on Suicidal Records. Suicidal Tendencies , Beowulf , Los Cycos, No Mercy and Excel

Return to Venice - album by Suicidal Tendencies

Venice Underground is a DVD featuring Peter DeStefano, David Baerwald, Erick Avery and DJ's from the streets of Venice, blending techno rhythms and textures with real guitars, bass and drums

Heaven 90291 is a 2004 album from Sugarbitch

Songs from Venice Beach - album by Ted Hawkins

Love You Most of All - More Songs from Venice Beach - album by Ted Hawkins

Venice Beach Blue - title of a CD offered on eBay, with a song called Venice Beach, allegedly by Snake Handler Moe, though there’s no such person in Google except for the Simpsons character

Meet Me at Dear Venice

Meet Me at Dear Venice, Near Los Angeles Town was a song popular somewhere around 1913 to 1915. Music and words were by Earl Burnell Bonner. It was scored for piano, and apparently the sheet music was sold as a souvenir item, the same way a CD might be sold today.

The artwork at the lower edge of the sheet music depicts the Lagoon and Midway


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