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Music A-H

Music I-P

Music Q-Z

Street performers

Music named for or inspired by Venice

What music says Venice to you

Francisco and His Cosmic Beam

Francisco Lupica interview

Ted Hawkins

The Rhythm of Venice Beach

Oingo Boingo

Wild Blooms

Harry Partch

Alan Catlin's
Harry Partch poems

Slavin' David

Rickie Lee Jones




Studios, Labels and Venues

This is by no means a complete list of facilities past or present. Some are long gone, and many that exist now aren’t listed yet. Factual corrections are welcome. If your studio need to be listed, whether or not it’s still a going concern, please get in touch

Benway Bop Records - moved from Las Vegas

Blowtorch Flats

Blue Earth Records

Cryptogramophone - studio or record label?

Electric Ghetto Studios

The Eyes Socket

Goatwood Manor

Hen House - founder Harlan Steinberger

Impala Studios

Lincoln Lounge

Mad Dog Studios - Dusty Wakeman, Michael Dumas

Palindrome Studio - Fred Maher

Paradise In The Hood

Radio Tokyo - "Ethan James died of liver cancer on June 19th 2003. Ethan James was a dear friend of mine in this music world. We spent much time together at his Radio Tokyo studio during the ‘80s. Lots and lots of groups - Black Flag, Descendents, Lawndale, Wurm, Minutemen, Firehose recorded with Ethan in his studio on Abbot Kinney." (Chuck Dukowski)

Ravens Work - Robert Feist

Spectrum Studios on boardwalk

SST - record label, Chuck Dukowski, worked with the Minutemen

Standard Electrical Studios

Stanley Recording Studios

Switch Studios

Tambourine Percussion Studio

The Timeroom - Steve Roach, closed 1989

True Love Records - in a Venice garage, started by Michael "Cali" DeWitt


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