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Jack Ibarra

Family and Friends - It is with great sadness that I share with you that my soulmate Jack Ibarra was accidentally killed this week in the afternoon on October 16th, 2007, doing what he loved best, working on a Volkswagen camper van for a friend. The outpouring of love and support that has surrounded me during this incredible challenge has provided important ballast for my survival. In honor of Jack's life we are creating a green home funeral ritual that I invite you to be part of. Starting today and moving through the weekend, his cardboard coffin in which he will be cremated in is set up for decoration and blessings. Anyone who feels inspired please come, create and share stories with his families.
The coffin will be in my home and available for your creative energies from: 1-5pm Friday -Sunday; 10/19-10/21
On Monday October 22nd, there will be a visitation for anyone who wishes to share in Jack's presence
A Celebration of Jack's life will follow Monday October 22nd at 5pm just down the street from me at the home of my dear friends: Kathleen, Richard and Aidan. You are welcome to bring your blessings, poems, writings, pictures, memories and mementos as part of his passing ritual. All musicians are welcome to bring their magic to the celebration of Jack's life. An email account for anyone who can not make it is being created for receipt of your wishes and pictures. It will be a joy to hear your stories and they will provide me sustenance over the long term. Jack.Ibarra (at) verizon.net I trust that this transition is part of the divine wisdom of the goddess.
Koren Paalman

Use each experience as a stepping stone. BKS Iyengar

Tomorrow Jamal and I are going to a local Temple to offer a donation in Jack's name so he may become a part of the Temple that will live on with constant prayers. He was an important part of Venice to all those who drove VW's and will be missed.
I appreciated Jack for all he did for me to keep my VWs running over the years, and for more than that; for the friendship I felt from him from the moment I met him. He was truly a special man and Venice (actually the universe) will be short one amazing man. The impact of losing him is sure to be a great one, not completely felt at this time. Jack was always available and just a phone call away, he made himself available like that for all those who's VWs he fixed at a moment's notice. (except of course when he was traveling the world:) He keep me on the road and how he taught Jamal how to work on VW's so he could keep us both up and running when Jack was traveling.
Sending Love from Thailand,
Sondra Tatum

It is Sunday afternoon here in Thailand. I am going to prepare some breakfast for the Monks at the Temple for my visit tomorrow morning. I'm not too sure why they like to eat fried rice first thing in the morning but I was told by a local friend who knows better that they prefer it to som tam (my favorite dish containing shredded papaya). So am preparing the rice with love in the steamer now so it will have a chance to cool which will allow me to make them fried rice Thai style. (a dish that might have been Jack's favorite) This loving gesture of an offering to the Monks will nourish their bodies so that they will be able to offer their love and nourishment to Jack's spirit. His name will be engraved on a wooden teak leaf and will be hung in a teak tree with whom a teak carved Buddha sits and is prayed to for the eternity to come. This is a Thai custom and is done out of love and respect for our spiritual being whom no longer has a physical form. Jack will be appreciated recognized and prayed to on a daily basis here in Thailand by these local monks. Our memories of this truly spectacular being will live on as long as we continue to pass them on. His impression left on me was, has, and always will be great, for I have learned more from him than any of my teachers. My tears have formed rivers here in this form of expression and I am still in shock of it meaningfulness. I also hope my actions speak louder than my loss of words in this moment wherever we may be.
All my love and strength goes out to all affected. I will send pictures of the ceremony tomorrow with more words of encouragement, love, and respect.
peace love and light



Jack Ibarra - "Jack to the rescue"

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