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Nobody Leaves Venice



Novelists, Journalists,
Screenwriters, Directors, Actors who live or lived in Venice

Through the Veil

Reminiscences by Moe Stavnezer

Jack Ibarra

Carol Biddulph Dickinson reminiscences




The Christmas Ladder

Dale Hartman and I moved to Colorado just before Christmas. We didn’t have any furniture or money and the car died - but did this stop us from decorating? Hell no. The landlord had left a ladder in the house. It was tall and triangular - so we put the colored lights on it. I doubt if this solution would have occurred to us, if we hadn’t lived in Venice.

As expatriate Venice artists, we had a certain amount of attitude. About a year later, the co-op gallery we’d joined was getting ready for a show. The venue had two kinds of wall space: smooth white paint, and rough stone. The lighting was kind of uneven, too. Some members became very emotionally involved with the need to display their paintings on the good walls. A lottery system was proposed, a rotation system was proposed….

While discussion was ongoing, I chose the least desirable space in the whole gallery and hung up my stuff, with a sign:

This is a good space because my work is here.

There’s an old saying: “Where the MacGregor sits is the head of the table.” I think living in Venice turned us into MacGregors.


The broom closet in the Venice kitchen was Comix Central.
The unwritten rule was, you put up a strip or cartoon if it reminded you of someone in the house - preferaby yourself, but one of the other inhabitants would do. Or a situation that had arisen within the walls.

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