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Interview with

Dr. Rana Ayzeren
author of Barefoot in Venice

V.V. Why is your book titled Barefoot in Venice?

R.A. Everybody has a story to tell and my story starts In Venice Beach. I did not tell the real story yet but the book Barefoot in Venice is about life addictions, spirituality and love.

V.V. From the description, this seems to be a spiritual self-help book. Is that how you would describe it?

R.A. There is no such thing as self-help; in my opinion we need to remember that we are all connected and a part of a whole and this whole is perfect with all the imperfections of the little pieces. Just like snowflakes we are all unique and yet a part of a whole and we can't deny the fact that we need each other to reach that perfection.

V.V. Did you write the book while living in Venice?

R.A. I wrote it while living in Venice Beach. And I accept Venice Beach as my real home.

V.V. How did the environment affect the writing of the book?

R.A. The inspiration comes from every experience we had, everybody we meet and all the moments we create by our thoughts and seeing the results and consequences in other people's lives.

V.V. How did the Venice environment contribute to the contents of the book?

R.A. I found a bottle in Venice Beach one day 12 years ago and I have decided to spend the rest of my life there. The bottle had a proverb from the Bible. And I felt oneness with the universe, everything around me seemed not to have borders at all. Like we were one body, the beach, the sky, the people and me, everything. That is where I met myself. We lived in Venice beach on Market St. for 4 years with Taylor. She taught me how to live in the moment. She is 6 years old now. (I have been taking care of her since she was 3 days old 24/7. Her mom and dad were heroin addicts. Her dad is sober now. Her strength inspired me a lot.)

V.V. Are you a professional therapist or counselor?

R.A. I am a medical doctor and I have practiced in 3 countries and since 10 years I haven't been practicing. I believe we are here for compassion. We do not need to live the experience to have the compassion but for many it is necessary to live the experience so that they would have compassion for different difficulties in life. To reach a point that we can have empathy; to understand the other person with no words but spiritually; we need to feel our souls and remember that we are here forever.

V.V. Where did you live before Venice?

R.A. Before Venice I lived in Turkey, Hungary, Austria, and here in many different neighborhoods close to Venice beach.


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