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Headlines from the
Free Venice Beachhead

August 1977 - October 1985

#92 Aug 77 Our Energy vs. Their Power; Dignity Not Profit

#94 Oct 77 All Mucked Up! Canals Restoration More of Usual;
Congas and Quazi Returned to Brooks

#95 Nov 77 Venice: Paved Over & Ripped Off

#97 Jan 78 Statistical Venice: Rampant Wave of Speculation Threatens Destruction of Community Character; Deseg. Drags On

#98 Feb 78 Stop Venice Freeway - Help Bypass the Bypass; Oakwood Housing Crisis

#99 Mar 78 Monument to the Death of Art and Life in Venice

#100 Apr 78 Venice Street Extravaganza; There Goes the Neighborhood

#101 May 78 Community Wins! Rose-Main Project Denied; Look Out Below! Rents, Property Taxes to Soar as of July

#102 June 78 All the Way L&A: What Jarvis Won't Do for Venice;
The Lifestyle You Save May Be Your Own

#104 Aug 78 The Pressure is On: BANA fights Condomania in North Beach

#105 Sep 78 Tug of War Over Southern Pacific Right-of-Way

#106 Oct 78 L.A. Sells Out Venice: Coastal Commission Protection Crumbles

#107 Nov 78 First North Beach Condo Approved: Public Hearing Denied!

#108 Dec 78 See But Not Heard: Venice Protest at City Council

#111 Mar 79 Too Many Aces? The Beat Goes On

#113 May 79 50 Ways to Lose Your Leverage; Rent Control: After the Champagne...

#115 June 79 Loquacious Lobby Stymies City; Perils of Parking

#116 Aug 79 Walk on the Wild Side; Critical Hearing on Senior Housing

#117 Sep 79 Senior Project: Slammed & Supported; Oil in Venice: A Slick Solution

#118 Oct 79 Senior Housing to Rise in Venice: Activists, Developers Join Forces

#119 Nov 79 Protecting Ourselves: Will People Review Police

#120 Dec 79 This Land is Our Land: Balance of Power Shifts in Santa Monica

#121 Jan 80 (antique poster) For the Time of Your Life, Come to Venice New Year's Eve

#122 Feb 80 Venice: 1914-1916 Part 1, Big $ Back When; Low Down on Low Cost Housing

#123 Mar 80 Venice Strikers Win! Viva La Huelga!; Lawless Meatless

#124 Apr 80 Teheran-asaurus Rex: Snyder Gets $nyder; The Purveyor of Fear: Jarvis Con

#125 May 80 Demolition in Oakwood: Adios Hampton Court; Cementing the Sand

#126 Jun 80 Strange Bedfellows Make Housing

#127 Jul 80 Real Estate Calls Tune C.A.C. Dances; Westminster and Ballona: Under the Bulldozer

#128 Aug 80 How It Is With Us: Those Who Do Nothing Make No Mistakes

#129 Sep 80 Venice's Love Canal?; Oakwood Artists Overcome

#130 Oct 80 Wither Windward?; Venice Community Conference on Racism

#131 Nov 80 Alliance Walk: "Hell No, We Won't Glow!"; The Resurgence of Racism

#132 Dec 80 Make Art Against War; Beneath the Crime Hysteria

#133 Jan 81 The Politics of Police Abuse; Venice Town Council: "up for grabs"?

#134 Feb 81 Fox Features Fascist Flick; Developer Dumped

#135 Mar 81 Tenants Win 3-year Battle: Delayed Gratification; New Waves in Housing

#136 Apr 81 The Big Brush-Off: Mural Unpalette-able; North Venice Plan, Boardwalk or Parkplace

#137 May 81 56 Arrested: Demonstration at Rockwell; Beachhead Accused of Free Speech

#138 Jun 81 Vets at Wadsworth: Hearts and Minds; Beyond Baroque's Poetry

#139 Jul 81 Eat Me, I'm V.O.P.

#141 Sep 81 Ocean Front Walk: Lots of Difference; Reagan Steals Scales

#124 Oct 81 Diablo Diary: Blockading the Devil; Planning Meeting Planned

#143 Nov 81 Up Your Rents!: Renters Do It With Control; Tenant Action

#144 Dec 81 Caribbean Crisis; Tenants Mount Offensive Movement

#145 Jan 82 North Beach Plan Revised: Is That All There Is?; Nukes on Ice

#146 Feb 82 A Plan to Resist the Draft!

#150 Jun 82 Escape From Ground Zero; Unemployment Blues

#151 Jul 82 Dividing Venice: Crime & Racism; L.A. Game Plans

#152 Aug 82 Hands Off Santa Monica; Tenant Center Seeks Action

#153 Sep 82 People Protest "Celluloid Vileness"; A Word From the

#154 Oct 82 Women of the Year

#155 Nov 82 Is There Anyone You Can Trust? Freeze the Big One

#156 Dec 82 Droppings From the Throne; Reagan's Christmas Carol

#157 Jan 83 Rand on the Rampage; Peace and Freedom: Picking Up Steam

#158 Feb 83 Traffic Arteries Harden: Bypass Surgery; Please Mr. Reagan Blues

#159 Mar 83 From Wet Lands to Wet Dreams: Playland for the Rich; How to Survive Without a Salary

#160 Apr 83 Russell-ing Real Estate; A "Catalyst" Is Born

#161 May 83 A Run for Her Money; Duke Disarms Defense

#162 Jun 83 A Leak From the Think Tank; Bored? Chee-Wah-Wah Wants You

#163 Jul 83 West of the Rest: Lots of Hard Luck; Duck Napper Nabbed

#164 Aug 83 All Black and White? July's Beachfront "Riot"; Toronagashi: Hiroshima, a Candlelight Memorial

#165 Sep 83 Et Tu, Tuum Est, Et Al: Kicking the Habitants; Celebrate Survival: Artists Target L.A.

#166 Oct 83 Politics at the Post Office: Kafka at the Venicegate

#167 Nov 83 Stop Reagan's Wars!; Neighbors Nix Nukes

#168 Dec 83 15th Birthday Issue; the Free Venice Resistance

#169 Jan 84 God is Dead and the World is Crooked; The Cost of Malibu

#171 Mar 84 Of Landlords and Cadillacs: Parking a Trojan Horse; Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition

#173 May 84 Is the Beachhead Camp?; Community Meeting Called

#174 Jun 84 Pavilion Date With Fate: Venice Town Council Resurrected; Community Meeting: the Beachhead Condition

#175 Jul 84 Pavilion: Use It or Lose It

#176 Aug 84 Venice Land Rush Continues; Olympics Hurdle Venice

#177 Sep 84 Pavilion Power Play Exposed; Santa Monica Nuke Busters

#178 Oct 84 Sea Spray Shell Game; Nicaragua Pro and Contra; Static on KPFK

#187 Jul 85 Venice, the Eternal Carnival; American Hostages: Unofficial Soldiers; Our Floundering Fathers

#188 Aug 85 St. Joe's Forced to Close; Radioactive Politics

#189 Sep 85 Poverty Solution L.A. Style: Durban Removal; Homeless Yuppies

#190 Oct 85 The Wolf is at the Door; Ducks Dumped in Canal Caper




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