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Another Chapter from Tales of the Blue Meanie by Allan Cole

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Tales of the Blue Meanie

by Allan Cole

In the depths of the Sixties and The Days Of Rage, a young newsman, accompanied by his pregnant wife and orphaned teenage brother, creates a Paradise of sorts in a sprawling Venice Beach community of apartments, populated by students, artists, budding scientists and engineers lifeguards, poets, bikers with a few junkies thrown in for good measure. The inhabitants come to call the place "Pepperland," after the Beatles movie, Yellow Submarine. Threatening this paradise is "The Blue Meanie," a crazy giant of a man so frightening that he eventually even scares himself.

This is a super book, even if I say so myself. And I would really appreciate everyone's support on this. I played hell getting it published. A story I will tell one of these days. Meanwhile, here is where you can buy the book.

If you want me to send you a free autographed label to paste in the book, just shoot me your snail mail address. If you want a book that is personally autographed by me, you can buy the book directly from me. Just send a request to allanc8162 (at) aol.com, and if you are within the continental U.S. I'll send it to you and eat the mailing costs. Unfortunatlely, for all my lovely readers outside the U.S., I'll have to charge for the postage. No worry. I'll check the costs and let you know what they are first.

.......................Peace, brothers and sisters... Allan

Allan Cole
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Tales Of The Blue Meanie
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Webslave's note: If you're not already a fan, and even if you are, check out www.acole.com for further information about Allan and his books and screenplays. And, guess whose painting is on the cover - that's right, At the Pavilion by Webslave Pat Hartman. Cool!

Allan Cole (above) and a few of the covers of his many books (below)

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