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Quotations About Venice

Alphabetized by author's last name and from many different eras

Venice is like doing acid. If you can't take it with you after you either come down or move away, you were never really there in the first place.
Anne Alexander

Santa Monica is what is known as a "Prophet" city. What "Spirit" rules there will create tomorrows reality. It is a major gate way into the entire world!…Venice is known as a "mercy" city. The potential of these two cities and the actors, producers, studios and millionaires that live here, once the Spirit of God is in place, the most "creative" amazing worship that will flood the entire world!

Venice was a hellhole.
Katie Arnoldi

.....one of the last remaining strongholds of individualism in Southern California.
John Austin

...this terrible abode of evil....
Will Baron

Venice is a zone, a modern monastic zone where the artist is secular priest.
Tony Berlant

Ah, Venice, where one crazy man's canal dream has spawned more California stereotypes, hack artists and hippie coffee houses than anywhere outside of Santa Cruz.
Stephen Blackmoore

Venice is a seaside archeological site. Yards littered with paleolithic garbage, sidewalks mined with cenozoic dog shit....
Irving Blum

Venice was and is full of lost places where people put up for sale the last worn bits of their souls, hoping no one will buy.
Ray Bradbury

Here at this far lost end of the continent, where the trail wagons had stopped and the people with them....
Ray Bradbury

For about 150 days a year in Venice, the sun doesn't show through the mist until noon.
Ray Bradbury

You used to be able to have a fat ass and wear a string bikini and shades; you could walk down the Venice Boardwalk with a joint in your mouth and fall in love. Now it’s an audition.
Susie Bright

....decay and disfavor came together as other parts of the coast were developed, and the canals became weed-clogged ditches breeding mosquitoes, and the hotels were turned into third-rate apartments.
Edward Bunker

San Francisco may be slightly more sophisticated and cultured than Venice, but the only difference is in the apparal. The tiedye remains eternal...
Vinnie Caggiano

Nowadays it has become chi-chi for the smart set to roller-skate on the Ocean Front Walk in little satin shorts and to sit drinking Perrier or white wine at its sidewalk cafes, while we colorful local inhabitants continue our lives, observed.
Patricia J. Campbell

Welcome to Venice: where dogs vote and the people shit on the sidewalks.
Bonnie Cheeseman

I am thinking about ... producing a new PBS series titled: "Free to Pee You and Me." I could feature Venice Beach as the location and home of the United-Pissers-of-Your-American-Anarchists-Sanitation-System (UPYAASS for short.)
Bonnie Cheeseman

Venice really is amazing... it has a lot of my heart when I go around doing research. Such amazing things happen there.
Brian Chidester

It will always be a good time in Venice. Which is the point of the place.
Allan Cole

I have looked for the center of the art scene. I went to Paris as a student. I lived in Venice, California.
Eleanor Coppola

Bohemia by the bay, paradise on the skids.... a burg rife with swamis
Ernest S. Corfine

There were two practical reasons we moved to Venice. One was that there was an artists movement and a countercultural movement. Lots of people we might want to hire lived in the area. We also wanted to buy in a lower rent area that looked like it was going to be gentrified so that we could eventually sell the studio for more money.
Roger Corman

Venice Beach: proof of the biological impossibility of imagining a person being simultaneously good-looking and poor.
Douglas Coupland

All this cut-price transcendentalism does not prevent California from being a startlingly physical state. This becomes most obvious where Los Angeles saunters down to the sea. The region is called Venice.
Quentin Crisp

The gymnasiacs of Venice, in California, are so addicted to these practices that there has arisen a nation of men who can no longer put their arms against their sides
Quentin Crisp

When a guy walks up to me and starts talking and I turn to look at him, I can't tell if he's a millionaire or a pauper. You can't tell in Venice.
Rip Cronk

The situation in the film is like me going out to Venice Beach and talking to a homeless guy on the boardwalk, and 13 years later he's the president.
John Cusack, about the film Max

...... an outlaw gulch, a haven for draft resisters, struggling artists, and drug addicts.....a camp for semi-demented adults.... Venice is like the legendary Phoenix - it always seems to rise again from the ashes.
Sara Davidson

To me, Venice and Ocean Park were gaiety. I had not been allowed to go to those things as a youngster.
Marion Davies

Venice Beach is a combination of the tacky, the mindless, the ironic, and the novel.
Freelance Dionysian

People here can go along at whatever pace makes them comfortable.
Ed Emshwiller

Venice is a sanctuary.
Bob Farrington

[Anais Nin] adores Venice, the refuge of poor artists, and Venice Beach with its carnival atmosphere, white sand, and the pull of the sea.
Noel Riley Fitch

You couldn't drive through Oakwood without feeling the currents of venom, everybody overcharged, wary, and watching, the asphalt itself vibrating with tension.
Ruth Francisco

Interested scholars and city officials have travelled across the country to study and attempt to understand the complex social patterns on the Venice boardwalk.
William Franklin

Venice had changed in thirty years. The big indoor swimming pool and the amusement pier, with its Race Through the Clouds, were gone. Most of the canals had been abandoned or were filled with stagnant water. There were still trams that ran up and down the deserted beach walk, carrying a few elderly Jewish passengers, but most shops on Windward Avenue and on the ocean front were empty. The little grocery store on the corner sold maggot-infested meat. The whole neighborhood was so creepily shabby, so oddly macabre that Orson Welles used it as a set for his noir movie, Touch of Evil.
George Garrigues

Love was out of control in Venice. Everybody was fucking everybody. It was sexual liberation at the high-water mark: before herpes, before AIDS. The difference in Venice was that nobody was hiding it.
Alan Gorg

I might love a man, but I love Venice more.
Anna Haag

Every step in this town is a damn shame.
John Hamilton

There are too many homeless, too many crack dealers and too much going on; your senses get numbed there.
Terence Handscomb

Gentrification and consumerism... have destroyed the character of my favorite American haunts, like North Beach, Berkeley, Venice and Aspen.
Tom Hayden

Unique among the world's Bohemias
Gordon J. Hazlitt

This is the end. This is as far as you can go. After this it all starts over again.
Tony Hendra looking out over the Pacific

My experience in Venice tells me the world is starving for real art.
David Hinnebusch

Venice is a plugged-up toilet.
Clair Horner

In Venice, Calif., a mixed couple is a man and a woman.
Clair Horner

Venice Valentine Greeting: "Happy Valiumtime Day," or, simply, "Happy V.D."
Clair Horner

Venice, California, is the only city I know of in which the park benches smell too bad to sit on and your shoes stick to the pavement.
Clair Horner

You can see darn near anything just by walking along the beachfront from Venice to Malibu.
Del Howison

Venice is as far west as you can get - in every way.
Keith Kirts

Fear and loathing meet the best sunsets this side of Hawaii; dog shit meets a sweet ocean breeze; golden tans meet boozy pallors.....This place is so odd, unique....
Michele Kort

....a cockeyed dump between two other cockeyed dumps... a rotting slum....the creepiest, most beautiful ruin you ever did see.
Gavin Lambert

Venice is the only place in LA where you can breathe.
Lance's friend

America's smorgasbord of the rationally challenged
Doug Lansky

Yet for all the childish innocence of its bizarre glamor, Venice developed an atmosphere, or became the outpost of a sinister deep-rooted power.... It is a place of dreams, not only the tinseled ones.......
Fritz Leiber

...Venice has been the living future of contemporary American history since its inception.

Venice is the only place in LA where a confused person on drugs might think he's in Greenwich Village, if he doesn't notice the beach.
Mark Lindquist

Venice West is to Los Angeles what the Left Bank once was to Paris.
Lawrence Lipton

...streets stained with Beauty/ behind every corner...
Philomene Long

...only artists and criminals in those days. Venice West was a city of outsiders. It was (and still is) a last stop-off at the edge of America. ...Ocean and outlaws. Its setting is a perfect balance for poetry. Beauty and danger. Agony and rapture.
Philomene Long

The allure of Venice Beach is the relative freedom which still exists there. It doesn't have the most beautiful sand or ocean. It doesn't have anything unique except its freedom and its tradition of this freedom.
Marc Madow

It's America's global village - a place where the visitor becomes part of the spectrum of what is happening. It's all about sharing talents, skills, music, food and art. A message in a bottle of what California is all about.
Marc Madow

Street performers, homemade crafts, keep your wallet in your front pocket and don't buy any crap!
Camryn Manheim

In all our cities...there is always some sort of casbah, crumbling, decadent in the literal sense...where the greatest historical distance assures the greatest unreality....
Rich Mann

The old Ocean Park area (near the Santa Monica-Venice border) and the old Venice Canal area were the world's chicest slums....
Roy Marinell

Venice, California, has seldom been an entirely respectable place
John Arthur Maynard

In its high-floating, quirky visions and stubborn, off-handed poverty, Venice was a brave and deliberate affront to an American Dream that worked.
John Arthur Maynard

...the whole town had become the most ingeniously painted-on surface in Southern California.
John Arthur Maynard

...that embarrassing stepchild of Los Angeles
John Arthur Maynard

.....bizarre, mysterious allure that so thinly masks brutality and ugliness.
Ann Nietzke

The boardwalk is like the beating heart of America. You can be normal; you can be strange. It's so rad.
Sean O'Keefe

The throng...is probably a modern-day equivalent of the Capernaum of Jesus's time.
Richard Omura

"Venice Beach is the last great bastion of free speech in the world…"
Arhata Osho

When you come to Venice, you do special work.
Bruce Paltrow

men & women of venice, lovers, children, holy citizens of the heavenly city
all around you there is the sweet air of love......

Stuart Z. Perkoff

venice morning, oceanfront walk people of venice, smiling, sunned, enchanted venice magic dazzling eyes with world, with city with street & ocean.........
Stuart Z. Perkoff

It's a fault line where the flotsam and energy that washes up from the Pacific collides with all of urban America crashing in from the other direction.
Antoine Predock

...the frontier of so-called civilization
Arthur Richer, beat artist 1959

...East L. A. with sandflies
Paul Jay Robbins

........a somewhat ruinous precinct of the dominant society.
Stephen Ronan

Venice is like no place else.
Dylan Rush

Everything was happening all the time. You never needed television.
Barbet Schroeder

This is the only place that I don't feel out of place, because everyone here is out of place.
Arnold Schwarzenegger

But it's not about going 'there'. It could exist anywhere. Places like that, whether they're seen as crass or not, represent something that people should be thinking about in America again.
Ned Scott of The Egg

....core of an urban melting pot, a tough and vital scene where expressions of freedom play and utter outrageousness can flourish...... a big jolly playpen....a marvelous scene of commerce and social interaction.
... It is one of the most peaceful, alluring, puzzling, beautiful, funny and free places I know in the world.
Marcia Seligson

....a kind of stage set where the dream of high culture could be acted out by residents and visitors on a Sunday afternoon......aberrant energy..
Reesey Shaw

Nobody's out of place in Venice.
Ronald Shusett

Venice is a place where the past is still hanging around, waiting for an appointment with the future; but the future hasn't shown up. In the meantime it is a kind of no man's land, given up by default and occupied by irregulars and their dogs.
Jack Smith 1976

Time goes by, but the magic remains.
Jim Smith

Venice, California is known as one of the most unique, exciting and stubborn communities in the Los Angeles area.
Professor Arnold Springer

I don't know of any place that loves so passionately, hates so vehemently, or forgives so easily as Venice.
Moe Stavnezer

...the real front lines, the only community in Los Angeles where wealthy white people and poor black people live in the kind of close proximity large eastern cities have been dealing with for years.
Randall Sullivan

Venice is a transitional point, a deconditioning chamber, vitally needed for our nation's and the World's survival.
Sweet William

Since Venice is one of the few places in America and the World that is a true Melting Pot, people want to see it function and, if possible, want to live in it.
Sweet William

I've been kind of submerged in my own little geographic location for a really long time in Venice Beach.
Amber Tamblyn

The Venice sky is tactile. You can hold its light in your palms.
Philomene Long Thomas

.... crowded with the detritus of a continent: the flamboyant and the crazy, the lost and the beautiful. In bikinis and uniforms and junk-shop costumery they floated by on roller skates and dope and dreams...
Newton Thornburg

- (in expounding on his theory "anything that’s fun is going to be ruined sooner or later by people from California" because they are serious about things that don‘t warrant it, and tend to become expert in trivial areas.) The example I use is coming across somebody on Venice Beach who had perfected bubble- blowing --- knew everything about it, produced these huge bubbles, and spoke at length at the tiniest opportunity about what went into a bubble.
Calvin Trillin

Venice...playground of the idle poor...

...like another planet...
unnamed person in film Venice Beach Confidential

...primo weirdos from all over the world...
unnamed person in film Venice Beach Confidential

This is the decadency of the United States, right here.
unnamed person in film Venice Beach Confidential

..one of the freest places on earth...
Jonathan Wacks

Since the bike path's renovation and the rebuilding of a few burned-out boardwalk apartment houses …..the beach had lost some of its funky grandeur.......The bums and winos were there to keep it real, to deflate the ego and remind that all was vanity.
Bruce Wagner

It is pretty creepy and dirty, but it was really interesting seeing all the personalities cruising around. Everyone there wants to talk with you, but I wouldn't call it a friendly place ever - it's weird !
Alexis Waite (model)

(When preparing for the I-Wish Project in Venice, in early 2006.) Venice Beach represents such a diverse and eclectic group of people, so the photography and wishes should turn out amazing.
Philip Warbasse

(Comparing certain people to the real, productive ones partaking of a more Eastern philosophy; the real Beats ) These people, as far as I can see, do not congregate in the notorious centers of the movement, like the North Beach in San Francisco or Greenwich Village, or Venice, California.
Alan Watts

At one time the corner of Hollywood & Vine was the symbolic heart of Los Angeles, the place one took out-of-town relatives just so they could say they had been there. Today, that honor belongs to the Venice Beach Boardwalk...
Westways Magazine, May 1993

Venice is a world view, a condition...
Eva Windmoller

It was like an intellectual community that moved into Venice. There were bikers and drug dealers too, but everybody got along.
Emily WInters

No one wants to play at Venice Beach by themselves because then you really look like a loser.
David Young

In math terms I guess it could be summarized as: Venice = Noise.
David Yurkovich

Venice is so hip and everyone seems pretty cool.
Rachel Mae last name unknown, 2004

Bohemian, down-at-heel Venice Beach, full of beardy, smoking hippy-types flogging funny hats, telling people's fortunes, playing languid jazz melodies or just chillin'.
Gerry and Denise, last name unknown


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