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F. Robinson painting

Note from the webslave: this painting was offered on eBay with a thoughtful and knowledgeble commentary from the seller, Mike Coleman of Boca Raton, Florida, who says, "Venice is a special place, I have been there a few times and have always enjoyed my time there."

This painting is on the wrong coast and perhaps this auction will get it back to where it came from as I think it will have some significance to people from California.

I am no expert but I can tell this is a simple rendering from an unskilled artist and I cannot find anything on the artist F. Robinson.

He could have been a worker in the oil fields or a local person trying to make their way as an artist. He could be a she for all I know but the workmanship and the subject matter looks more like a man's point of view.

My interpretation of this painting is of a post-industrial period piece that uses a view of the Venice Canal made famous in the early 1900's as a tourist destination and its image was on many a post card in an idyllic manner with graceful gondolas floating by copying the California city's Italian namesake.

Instead of a beautiful scene this very canal's edges are lined with floating boxes and debris and the beautiful background is filled with oil derricks and pumps totally taking the romance of Venice and its beautiful arched bridges and idyllic beauty and changing it into a scene of what modern industry had caused in the name of progress.

Is this social commentary?

Or, is it what the artist saw and drew regardless?

In 1985 Ray Bradbury wrote a book about Venice California in the 1950's named Death is a Lonely Business and the first paragraph describes (minus the circus cages) a Venice California that resembles this painting.

Whether this can be considered as an early "Eco-disaster art" or it's just something that someone named F. Robinson saw and painted I don't know but this piece says a lot to me when I see it.

Mike Coleman

Artist Unknown


Robert Farrington
Carroll Canal and Dell Ave. Farrington is a very well-known Beat-era Venice artist, but this painting is said to have been found in a second hand shop.


Michail Taylor
A Harmony and Always on My Mind. Dated 1994

Below: John Kilduff has painted plein air scenes all over California, including this charming Venice canal, with a photo of it as a work in progress. Kilduff has an online gallery.


Dan Joyce
Street Musician Venice Beach fromThe Homeless Series
editioned prints are available


Damon Warren


Luna Garcia

One of the concessions on the old pier or boardwalk was a silhouette parlor, where customers bought picture outlines of themselves.

A Jeffrey Stanton photo, 1970s

Artist: Baron d Scotford
Another Venice Pier silhouette

Betty Boop: Artist Unknown

Flamingo Patch: Artist Unknown

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