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In the Old Days:
Night Scenes

Canals, Bridges


Lagoon and Midway

Windward Avenue

Miniature Railroad

Market Street

Mecca Buffet

Scenic Railway

1921 Amusements

Cabrillo Ship Cafe'

Venice Pier

Bath House or Plunge




Arielle Haze
Venice Photos

Arielle Haze views
Beach Art

Scott Shellstrom
Venice art

Jack Chipman

Dale Hartman

Venice Paintings by
Pat Hartman

Ehrlich buildings
Homage to Old Venice

Chris Burden

Unpainting the Town:
lost murals

Helen K. Garber photos

Jeff Verges

Lance Diskan

Avid Brickman

Art at the Rose Cafe'

New Venice Sign

Robbie Conal

Venice-based Art

Ferus Gallery

Mario Barrios

Gary Steinborn

Earl Newman

St. Charles Mural

Spoons of Venice

Rena Small




2004 Carnevale poster by Jeff Verges - three figures in silhouette against intense colored background, has a sixties look

2004 Carnevale Poster
Jeff Verges




a mural, location unknown





graphic from business card of photographer Rodrick Bradley, early 1980s, heart with words "neither master nor slave"

neither master nor slave
Rodrick Bradley




Roberta Farrington and two of her  Southwest women paintings

Roberta Farrington




a mural




Venice Beach California Carnivale, official Centennial book, by Helen K. Garber

Official Carnevale Book
Helen K. Garber






Sue Ramsey business care with two cats, early 1980s

Sue Ramsay card





Robert Farrington and one of his Venice paintings

Robert Farrington




Venice mural, location unknown




2003 Carnevale poster by Rodrigo Toledo

2003 Carnevale Poster
Rodrigo Toledo



handcrafted business card with watercolor rainbow, "Joanna" and phone number



St. Charles Mural by Terry Schoonhoven, in early stage

St. Charles mural, by Terry Schoonhoven, in early stage.





"The Mailbox is an Art Gallery" postcard announcement for mail art show at Old Venice Jail

Old Venice Jail postcard







2005 Carnevale poster by Janet Gervers

2005 Carnevale Poster
Janet Gervers




Venice mural, location unknown




Venice mural with two fighting eagles, location unknown


"Morning Shot" by Rip Cronk, 1991, Speedway and 18th Court

"Morning Shot" by Rip Cronk,
1991, Speedway and 18th Court


Venice Artists Roster

Visual artists who live in Venice or did in the past; or who visited and made art depicting Venice; or who made murals or designed buildings that are an important part of the landscape. (There are other websites with excellent photos of the public art of Venice.) Some of the people listed here have worldwide reputations and sales in the millions to big-time collectors and corporations. Some have sold their work on the boardwalk. The history of Venice encompasses every kind of artist there ever was, including some not found anywhere else. More information is welcome!

Bennett Abroms - sculptor, maker of silk flowers

Chad Adair

Larry Albright - neon artist in Venice since Sixties

Lita Albuquerque

Clytie Alexander

Hope Alexander

Peter Alexander

Martha Alf

Jimmi Alonzo - beat lightshow artist

John Altoon - beat painter, died young in 1967, said to have been mentally unstable

Kwaku Alston - celebrity photographer

Topse Anderson - photographer, studio at 108 Rose Ave. in 1922

Mike Angeleno - beat painter, decorator of Gas House

Diane Arbus - No, she didn’t live here but her photo "Miss Venice Beach, Venice, CA, 1962" recently sold for over $43,000.

Chuck Arnoldi

Kenneth Aronson

Patti Arpaia - photographer

Bill Attaway - ceramics, mosaics, sculpture. Was a resident artist in Taiwan, Studio 334 Sunset Ave.

Judith F. Baca - founding member of SPARC, muralist/visual artist, professor

Russell Baer - photographer with Venice Arts mentorship program

Dana Balicki - CodePINK Media Coordinator

Larry Bell

Linda Benglis

Billy Al Bengston - Originally established studio in Venice on a $30-a-month budget; told an interviewer,"I think I was the only non-drug-dealing artist in the area."

Ed Bereal

Tony Berlant - his work is said by Gordon J. Hazlitt to "capture the conceptual heart of wicked Venice"

Wallace Berman - influential guy (Dennis Hopper calls him a guru) who is on the cover of the Sergeant Pepper album. Berman’s saying, "Art is God is Love" was written on the wall of the Venice West Café, and he appears in Easy Rider as a sower of seeds, which William Wilson calls "very apt." Berman published a zine called Semina. In 1959, his wife Shirley was on the cover of #4. He and Bob Alexander frequented jazz clubs, self-identified as outlaw artists, and had a lot to do with the Ferus Gallery. Recently, all nine issues of Semina were "recreated" by George Herms in a four-year project.

Edward Biberman - his painting entitled "The Story of Venice" or "Kinney's Dream" was in the old Venice Post Office.

Critter Bill - glass figures

Annette Bird - sculptor, jeweler, visual artist, once had studio in renovated church, St. Jive's by the Sea

Jeremy Blake - "moving paintings"

Peter Blake - British, did paintings in the 1990s of various Venice Beach subjects such as rollerskaters and bodybuilders

Sandy Bleifer - collage, handmade paper

David Blixx

Carol Bodlander

Mimi Bogale

Samuel Boissot

Bob Bond - airbrush artist specializing in custom auto work, raised in Venice

Jan Book

Gil Borgos - Linnie Canal. The Sidewalk Cafe' named a dish after him.

Ruth Lercher Bornstein

Jonathan Borofsky - Venice studio, large outdoor sculptures include "Ballerina Clown" at Venice Renaissance Building

Anita Borrego

Michael Braden - architect

Craig Bradley - some pretty impressive creations via Lighthouse Stained Glass

Michele Bradley

Rodrick Bradley

Foster Brashear - developed Metaphaser

Charles Brittin - photographer, around since the late 50s when he and his wife lived in an apartment at 15A Avenue 54 apartment

Diane Buckler

Michael Bullas

Chris Burden

Diane Butler - artist and activist

Leslie Byrne

Huguette Caland - personally designed her studio/home, collects work of fellow Venice artists. Used to design caftans for Pierre Cardin

Karen Carson

Vija Celmins- resident in the ‘70s and ‘80s

John Chamberlain - sculptor - mid-Sixties

Meredith Childers - photographer

Michael Childers - Hollywood portrait photographer, also studio in Venice

Jack Chipman - abstract style paintings; longtime collector and connoisseur of California pottery.

Jenny Chu - photographer

Madeline Coit

Joe Coleman

Bernice Colman - fabric collagist, in Venice since 1974

Jackson Collins - has been a Venice painter since age 16

Alyssa N. Col - photographer

Greg Colson

Mike Colt - Outsider art

Robbie Conal - poster artist, father of Men With No Lips, studio at 5th and Rose

Ron Cooper

Kristin Corning - home and studio

Maureen Cotter - photographer

Rip Cronk "Lost Art" mural on the facade of the Venice Heach Hotel (the old St. Charles) and "Venice Reconstituted" on the west wall. Also, on a different building, "Morning Shot", a portrait of Jim Morrison (1991, Speedway at 18th Court); "Rip Tide" and "Ocean Swell" on Clubhouse Avenue, "Homage to a Starry Night" at Wavecrest and Ocean, more

Keith Crutchfield - digital graphic designer

Kate Cunningham - painter, also "John Harris Designs" the one-of-a-kind art furniture company

Beverly Danailoff - spent some time in the Venice art scene in early 60s

Ron David

Ronald Davis

Woods Davy - home/studio in Venice, creates sculptures from natural forms, mainly stones

Julia Dean - photographer

Milica Dedjier - architect

Stephanie DeLange

Lionel Delly - photographer

Brian Detweiler - photographer

Guy Dill - studio in Venice, has made a sculpture called "Venice Angel," and "Harmonic Arch" is at Navy Avenue

Laddie John Dill - once told an interviewer he came to Venice for its quiet. Original studio was on the boardwalk at Wavecrest and Speedway, another over the Townhouse Bar on Windward Avenue which might or might not be the same as his studio in former Venice Cable Car headquarters

Mark di Suvero

Scott Dosch - creator of sand sculptures on the sidewalk, also a mural on the Sidewalk Café and an aerosol mural on Clubhouse Avenue. Used to live in a van parked at the beach.

Dougo (a.k.a. Doug Smith). Venice-raised, self-taught painter and graphic artist

Gonzalo Duran

Charles Eames

Ray Eames

Jean Edelstein- studio in Venice

Doug Edge

Gregory Edwards - published his lithographs at Hamilton Press

Steven Ehrlich - architect, has designed numerous homes and other buildings in Venice

Shari Elf - makes delightful things from found objects

Jerry Emmons - Venice paintings really beautiful, used to be part of veniceartists.com, now in Taos

Ned Evans - surfer-painter, lived in Venice more than 30 years

Fred Eversley

Eleanore Fahey - drawings of boats and houses seen in the Canal District

Greg Falk also appears in a mural by somebody else

Claire Falkenstein - apparently later moved but kept Venice house as art archive

Mark X. Farina - street aesthetic, cryptic messages, academic credentials

Eric Farnsworth - performance artist early 1980s - rode all over Greater LA on a bicycle at night, decorating lampposts with hanging cardboard rhinoceroses with "600-600" written on them. Told reporter, "If I don't do it, who will?"

Gavin Farrell - photographer

Robert Farrington - best pictures of Venice ever painted

Roberta Farrington

Mollie Favour - neosurrealism and organic abstraction.

Wylder Flett - Look up his "Odd Box Bags." Go ahead. I dare you.

Patrick Fraser - photographer

Anthony Friedkin - photographer, had a 30 year retrospective show in 2003

Kathleen Gahagan - jeweler; sterling silver masks

Jim Ganzer - surfer/artist. In early 1980s was making furniture and lamps using palm tree branches, surfboard resin, and helicopter window Plexiglas, in a studio three blocks from the beach. He is in the 1975 Ed Ruscha film Miracle

Chas Garabedian

Helen K. Garber - photographer, creator of the official Centennial book. Venice is represented in her L. A. Noir series. Is a friend of, but not the same person as, the painter Helen Garber.

Frank Gehry - architect, designed the two buildings flanking the three-story "Binoculars" by Claes Oldenburg (1991), and many other Venice buildings

Christopher Georgesco - sculptor, in Venice 1968-82, making large columns in concrete and steel. See his studio in 1975

Janet Gervers - designed poster for Carnevale 2005

Alexandria Gibson-Shankweiler - boardwalk artist, CD cover artist for Venice Beach Drum Orchestra, editor of Spirit of Venice Speaks, Free Venice Beachhead photographer.

Ed Gilliam

Brooke Glaze - designer and animator

Betty Gold - sculptor

Arlene Goldberg

Darryl Golden - photographer

Jane Golden - mural, Ocean Park at Main - Venice in its heyday as an amusement park, with rollercoasters, lots of people and bright umbrellas

Joe Goode

Marc Goodrich - sand sculptures

Meredith Gordon

Robert Graham - figurative sculptor, home and studio in Venice

Joel Gray – also an actor. Three blocks from beach

Marvin Grayson

Michael Grecco - Santa Monica photographer, held a week-long Lighting and Dramatic Portrait workshop on the Venice Boardwalk

Deborah Greene - EpoxyBox Gallery

Lauren Greenfield - photographer

Luanne Greenwald

Ron (Ronald Dean) Griffin

D. J. Hall

Ed Hamilton - master printer of traditional lithography, longtime collaborator Ed Ruscha

Richard Hamilton - British artist said to have invented Pop Art. In a Venice gift shop he came across a lapel button imprinted with the words SLIP IT TO ME. Greatly enlarged, this became an art work titled "Epiphany"(1964), an homage to Andy Warhol.

Lloyd Hamrol

Lynn Hanson

Kenny Harris - lives, works in Venice

Dale Hartman

Pat Hartman

Arielle Haze

Mr. Pot Head

Seeking Heaven - muralist

Victor Henderson - cofounder of LA Fine Arts Squad. Collaboration with Terry Schoonhoven began in 1969 with the mural "Brooks Street Painting" on the back wall of Henderson's Venice studio.

Max Hendler

Jimmy Herciuk - home and studio Venice

George Herms - beat artist

Justine Hill - photographer

Cheryl Himmelstein - place of residence unknown; photographed Venice as part of the LA Neighborhood Project

David Hinnebusch - A 2007 show was called "Paintings from the Sandy Alleys of Venice." Lisa Adams says: "I am convinced that making use of the Venice boardwalk was a brilliant and intuitive action on his part. It seems that the chaos the boardwalk provides, day in and day out, is a clear external manifestation of David's internal landscape."

Jeffrey Hirsch -Venice painter, sculptor

Phillip Hitchcock - sculptor

Diana Hobson - formerly of Venice, now of New York

Diana Hobstetter - Venice is not only location but subject. A People Palette is one of the coolest artist sites I’ve ever seen. In a project inspired by the Bean Queen coffee shop behind the Bank of America on Windward Circle, she painted a series of Venice folk, each with an object significant to her or him. And there's a -parallel series of abstracts that go with each painting; chosen from among the paint rags used in the creation of that portrait. ( Webslave's note: I used to keep some of the paint rags from Dale Hartman’s works, and am absolutely in harmonic vibration with the impulse that considers them to be artworks in themselves). Hobstetter says, "The color bar at the bottom of each painting shows the palette of colors used to create the skin tones of the respective person, demonstrating that a person is not just one color. " Her husband Richard Grossman is credited for the color bar idea. A couple in artistic collaboration is a beautiful sight.

David Hockney - did a print called "Skaters in Venice Beach"

Craig Hodgetts - Studioworks in Venice - co designer of Gogasian Gallery

Wayne Holwick - in 1966 painted a Bob Dylan mural; one called "Groupie," one called "Rimbaud" none of which exist

Dennis Hopper - artist and major collector. Venice home called the Art Barn, designed by two different architects, Frank Gehry (office) and Brian Murphy (the rest), "a big metal house, closed on the outside, with the light coming through skylights." Hopper says it is perfect for his art collection

Mei Man Hou

Harrison Houle

Jim Hubbard - photographer, director of Venice Arts Mecca

David Humphrey

Brian Hunt

Mike Illes - studio, home

Carol Ingram - may or may not have lived in Venice; one painting titled "Lincoln and Rose" depicted the Food Barn at that location.

Robert Irwin - site-specific, primarily public, artworks. Moved out of Venice studio 1970

Anthea Izzart - early 1980s, "utility art," decorated shower curtains in Venice rooftop studio by dripping paint on them with a teaspoon, sold them in exclusive shops for $125-150

Tibor Jankay - very interesting life, worth looking up!

John Jerde - architect, office in Venice

Brenda Johnson - Watercolors

Dan Joyce

Cyndi Kahn

Henry Lee Kahn - photographer

Steve Kahn - artist and photographer

Amy Kaps

Nancy Kay

John Kilduff - makes quick paintings with plenty of commentary while videotaping

Gloria Kisch

E.F. Kitchen

Koukla - high quality natural toys that resemble art objects

Stacie Krajchir - painter

Deborah Krall

Aaron Kramer - creates art from found objects - "Trash is the failure of imagination"

L. A. Fine Arts Squad - their mural "Venice in the Snow" was on a Little Feat album cover in 1970. Terry Schoonhoven and Victor Henderson

Leslie Labowitz - performance artist

Bill LaChasse - photographer had studio in old firehouse on West Washington

Tony Landreau - beat painter

Marion Lane

Ruth Leaf - studio in Venice

Gordon Leckenby

Tracy Lee - Samson mural at Brooks and Speedway, with Arnold West

Mary Leipziger - painter, photographer

Gabe Leonard - Venice subject matter, for example, the pier from underneath. Sells paintings on the beach.

Francisco Letelier - "Becoming the Circle" mural at 5th and Rose. Studio 567 3/4 Brooks Ave. Originally from Chile

Joyce Lieberman - painter and collagist in Oakwood since 1983

Steven Light-Orr designer of furniture, jewelry, more - especially Swoopshades (whimsical, one-of-a-kind lampshades originally inspired by vintage lamps of the 1950s -1970s)

Jeff Lipsky - photographer

Michael Lipson - lighting tech in film industry. Designed Tony Bill’s house, 17 feet wide, and constructed from salvaged materials

Greg Lynn - architect

Mark Mack - architect

Loren Madsen

Kevin Maedgen's - Theater of Paint studio in Venice, uses vintage costumes, stage sets, and theatrical lighting to create narrative paintings

Fowad "Mad Mike" Magdalani - beat painter, known for covering trash cans and every other available surface with art; committed suicide by hanging, body not found for 17 days

Brandon Maggart

John Maggiotto

Anthony Mandler - photographer

Robert Mangurian Studioworks in Venice, co-designer of Gogasian Gallery

Rich Mann - photographer

Judy Marchyn - landscape architect, interior decorator

Patrick Marston - studio on 27th Avenue

Chris Mason - "Tattoo Asylum" mural on Windward Avenue

Toby Mason - reflective glass mosaics; lived in Venice for a time. "Venice Beach Wave"- this thing is gorgeous

Charles Mattox - sculptor

Robert Maxwell - had a very successful ceramics studio business in Venice in the 1960s

Thom Mayne - architect, started out building apartments above Venice garages, designed the famous 72 Market Street restaurant

Gerald McCabe - sculptural furniture made from special woods, with natural oil finish

Patrick McCartney - used to have a photography studio at 1101 Ocean Front Walk, wrote at least one article for the Venice Beachhead

Jeffrey McClellan

Allan McCollum - wanting to be near the beach, moved his house trailer to Venice in the late ‘60s

Ann McCoy

John McCracken

Joe McDougall - photographer

Michael C. McMillen - as early as 1965, he was turned on to art and bohemianism by the Old Pot Shop and particularly by Max Neufeldt. For his MFA theses, McMillen did a large-scale installation, the Traveling Mystery Museum, and in 1973 rented a Venice storefront for a couple a of weeks as his exhibition space.

David Meckel - designer, started out working with Eames brothers in Venice studio. Directed design work for the 1984 Olympics

Carolyn Mendoza

Sam Messer

Teresa Mill - now of San Diego, started with Venice canals childhood

Barbara Mills - wonderful gorgeous Venice paintings since 1969

Rico Mizuno

Gerald George Morrison - painter

Art Mortimer - not a Venice resident but painted the Brandelli’s Brig mural; and "Hi-De-Ho and Penny Lane" at 64 Windward Ave.

Susan Moscowitz - Doll Lady

Ed Moses

Robin Murez - sculptor

Michael Murphy

Hank Murrow - ceramics, founder of the Pot Shop, 324 Sunset Avenue, in 1963

Kenneth Muth

Max Neufeldt - metal sculptor who shared the Tin Shack

Earl Newman - studio and gallery were on Ocean Front near Gas House

Cathy Nichols - painter

Lora Norton - East LA's Self-Help Graphics Foundation

Jackie Nunes - painted murals in homeless center

Natalie Obermaier - photographer

John O’Brien

Ken O’Brien - photographer. His son John says, "He chronicled the years we spent in Venice with a truly sharp and faithful eye, and I always get swept back into time when I look at his recording of our world and our lives."

John Okulick

Margit Omar

Pat O’Neill - hung out with the Beat scene in Venice before enrolling at UCLA

Eric Orr - environmental art

Noel Osheroff - ceramics

Edwardo Pagac

Gary Palmer - born in Belfast, Ireland

Cheri Pann - in Venice since the mid-nineties

Jeanne Patterson

Felix Peano - when Venice was first built, he sculpted animals and sea serpents on the original canal bridges and designed the fancy curtain for the auditorium stage, and the capitals of the colonnaded buildings on Windward.

Lori Petty - painter, also Lawd Knows clothing line

Tiik Pollet - visual artist and much more

Antoine Predock - architect

Ken Price

Adrianne Prober - painter of dancers, skaters and cyclists

Bill Radewac

Joe Ravetz - photographer, series of old wooden gates of the Venice Canals

Arthur Reese - was the first black man to settle in Venice. He was Town Decorator in Kinney’s time. He designed the look of the Ballroom for the 4th of July Ball, also parade floats (he originated the idea of the Venice Mardi Gras parade), and downtown seasonal décor. Reese was largely responsible for the look of Venice festivities, but apparently kept a low profile at the time. This resulted in such nonsense as publicity shots of white bathing beauties with brushes, supposedly painting a giant carnival head, that had really been the work of Reese’s crew of black artisans.

Susan Rennie - photographer, has documented, among other things, the gates and the dogs of Venice

Dorothy Rice - watercolorist; book of her work is called Los Angeles With Love. Working outdoors in Venice, Rice was once surrounded by a group of children who wouldn’t let her leave until she included every one of them in her painting.

Lance Richburg - painter and also baseball player

Arthur Richer - beat artist

Yvon Rivest

F. Robinson

George Rodart - neo-expressionist, Guggenheim Fellowship

Aeno Rompannan sculptor

John Rose - Venice Studio

Jerry Rowitch - Sculpture Garden

Ed Ruscha

Sally Russell - founded the website veniceartists.com, moved on to Taos

Nancy Sadler

Desy Safan-Gerard

Nikki de Saint-Phalle - had a studio called the Zinc-Zinc Company in the early 1960s

Steve Samiof

SANO - renowned graffiti artist, work seen at Venice Graffiti Pit, has produced a DVD called Graffiti Verite' of which one critic says, "as either art instruction or social document this is a worthy addition "

Gary San Pietro - photographer

Ruth San Pietro - sculptural paintings of endangered wildlife

Marcus Schenkenberg - supermodel who at age twenty-four was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People on the planet by People Magazine. Discovered while rollerskating on Venice Beach by photographer Bill King

Christina Schlesinger - One of the founders of SPARC; "Chagall Returns to Venice" mural at the Israel Levin Senior Adult Center

Terry Schoonhoven - not a Venice resident but a muralist - the St. Charles painting; "Landscape with Musicians" at 909 Ocean Front Walk. LA Fine Arts Squad

Murray Schwartz - maker of chromatic glass: if you look at it from different angles, the color and transparency change. The technique is based on thin-film physics. The glass is coated with many ultra-thin layers of different metals. Pieces of this glass were made into three-dimensional mobiles at the The Kroma Glass shop, 2700 Pacific Ave.

Alan Shaffer - photographer

Sudad Shahin - architect, sculptor

Reesey Shaw - studio in the St. Charles

Steve Shaw - photographer

Robert Sheer - photographer, amazing in-camera effects with night photos

Scott Shellstrom - DNA Studio, has lived in Venice since 1996. His work is at LACMA and he had a show at the Rose last summer.

Laura Silagi

Rick Sinatra - photographer

Single Wing Turquoise Bird - light show production troupe, headquartered above the Fox Venice Theatre. Active in the late Sixties and part of the Seventies, it included among others Rol Murrow, David and Helena Lebrun, Bob Maestri and Larry Janss.

Fortune Mduduzi Sitole

David Skinner

Ned Sloane - ceramicist, photographer

Raphael Sloane - inhabitant of then 711 studio with Larry Silvers. Also known as the Farm, almost directly across from the Fox Theater.

Alexis Smith

Doug Smith - Venice homeboy, painter, graphic artist, concerned with historical preservation of the area, also connected artistically to the skateboard scene. Several of his murals are around town.

Elizabeth Paige Smith - sculptural furniture

David Sprigle - photographer

Gary Steinborn

Peter Stewart - "You Are Not Forgotten" mural at Pacific and Sunset

Frank Strasser - artwork is exuberant and Venice to the bone.

RA Superstarr

Ben Talbert - beat artist

Frank Talbott - photographer

Katerina Tana - designer who bought oldest house in Venice in decrepit condition and extensively remodeled it

Tati - beat sculptor

Ann Elizabeth Thiermann - "Nurturance" mural at Venice Health Center

Ann Thornycroft - had studio in former Venice Cable Car headquarters

Jean Tinguely - had a studio called the Zinc-Zinc Company with fellow Nouveau Realiste Nikki de Saint-Phalle

Rodrigo Toledo - designed the 2003 Carnevale poster

Donald Travers

Masami Tsuchikawa - ceramics

Keith Tucker - may not be local; mural on the wall of Bug Builders on 6th street in return for repairs on the artist's Volkswagen.

James Turrell - (Ocean Park)

Suzanne Vaillancourt - of Leonard Cohen song fame, now of Venice

DeWain Valentine

Father Maur Van Doorslaer - Benedictine monk whose ceramic design was adapted for the mural "Jesus Roller Skating With Friends In Venice Beach" at First Lutheran Church on Venice Blvd.

Derrik Van Nimwegen

Jeff Verges - designed the 2004 Carnevale poster

Frederico M. Vigil - "El Quinto Sol" mural on Venice Blvd.

Philip Warbasse - Director/Photographer of the I-Wish Project

Joanne Warfield - photographer

Andy Warhol - was lured to Venice by Dennis Hopper, and had his first US show in 1962 at the Ferus Gallery which though on La Cienega, had its origins in Venice. In early 60s, hung out with Gavin Lambert who wrote 2 books that concerned Venice. In 1978 Warhol had a show "Torsos" at the Ace Gallery. Owner Doug Chrismas said "When we got to the gallery, the entire street was a solid block of people." To help protect Warhol, he had bodyguards from Gold’s Gym. After the opening, they partied at Hal’s on the Beach

Damon Warren

Aaron Waugh

John Wehrle - "Fall of Icarus" on the Fern Violette building 48 Market Street, painted over by a group sponsored by Robert Graham

Susan Weinberg - longtime Ocean Front Walk resident, paints scenes of Venice.

Ruth Weisberg - moved to Culver City when St. Jives by the Sea was sold

John White - lived in Venice 1970-85, which influenced his performance work as well as paintings and drawings

Michelle White

Saul White - painter, printmaker; studied at the Otis Art Institute in the mid-1950s and had a storefront studio in Venice Beach

Nicholas Wilder

Martha "Art Girl" Wilson - worked on the boardwalk for two years

Harry Winebrenner - Started teaching at Venice High Art Department in 1915 and because head of it. the old days. He designed the prize-winning Spirit of Venice parade float for the 1922 Rose Parade in Pasadena. Also created "Welcome" statue in the Lagoon. And "Spirituals" the statue in front of Venice High that Myrna Loy is said to have modeled for.

Emily Winters - first lived in the Canal District, when it was a slum. Free Venice Beachhead, community murals, including "Endangered Species" on Ocean Front Walk, "Jaya" at Dell and Venice, also created a collectors’ item the Venice Coloring Book. Co-Founder, Venice Arts Council. 50 year retrospective show in 2006. In 2007 undertook the refurbishment of two of her damaged murals in Venice

Bernard Wolf - photographer

Jennifer Wolf

Marvin Wolf - photographer. Starting in 1998, covertly photographed the activities of Mishkon Tephilo for four years. In his own words, the artist then "digitized these images and with computer tools, patience and evolving skills, transformed simple snapshots into striking and original works." Wolf is listed as a director of the Synagogue, but whether he lives in Venice is not known

Karen Frimkess Wolff - installation artist, sound sculptor, teacher of Braille. Moved from Venice to Echo Park

Phillip Wood

Jim Wright - photographer

Tom Wudl

Cynthia Wylie - painter in oils

Robert Yeager

David Yurkovich - graphic artist







This and other photos by Alexandria Gibson-Shankweiler at Photos by Alexandria

Boardwalk Sunset






The I-Wish Project

In early 2006, through black and white photography, Philip Warbasse documented the wishes of willing participants on Venice Beach, CA written on poster board.

These wishes will serve to characterize the subject's dreams, aspirations and even frustrations relating to their own lives and the world around them…..The purpose behind the I-Wish Project is to begin to break down the stereotypes that all of us believe about one another, through art.
....................Philip Warbasse


Venice Beach

This and other photos by Alexandria Gibson-Shankweiler at Photos by Alexandria



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