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Arielle Haze:
More Photos

Scott Shellstrom
Venice art

Jack Chipman

Artists Roster

Christmas Ladder

Venice Paintings by
Pat Hartman

In the Old Days:
Windward Avenue

Night Scenes

Canals, Bridges


the Lagoon

Miniature Railroad

Market Street

Mecca Buffet

Scenic Railway

1921 Amusements

Cabrillo Ship Cafe'

Venice Pier

Bath House or Plunge




Ehrlich buildings
Homage to Old Venice

Chris Burden

Unpainting the Town:
lost murals

Helen K. Garber photos

Jeff Verges

Lance Diskan

Avid Brickman

Art at the Rose Cafe'

New Venice Sign

Robbie Conal

Venice-based Art

Ferus Gallery

Mario Barrios

Gary Steinborn

Earl Newman

St. Charles Mural

Spoons of Venice

Rena Small





Haze Views Beach Art

All photos on this page are by Arielle Haze

Arielle Haze: Venice Photos

• Leo 1977, born in Fort Lauderdale, FL
• Moved to Los Angeles County in September 2003
• Photographer since age 15 (currently shoots with a Canon 20D)
• Vegetarian
• Interests: Indie-Rock, Glam, Alterna-Rock, Industrial music & dancing; surreal art & writing; pre/post life studies in regression & reincarnation; arts & crafts (beading, ceramics, wood-work, photography, collaging); cats; nutrition studies; fantasy, comedic, indie film enthusiast; spending time with friends playing board games; pot-lucks; web design
• Site: mirdonamy.com & e-mail: (through website only)


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