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Salon: A Journal of Aesthetics

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Ace Backwords

Michael Ventura

The Editor:
Pat Hartman

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Fan Mail for Salon: A Journal of Aesthetics

Comments by publishers, editors, writers and artists about Salon: a Journal of Aesthetics. 25 issues of this zine were published, edited, and largely written by Pat Hartman

Salon is wonderful. Michael Ventura

I love your magazine, especially for its counter-formulaic eclecticism....What a pleasure to get a literary magazine I enjoyed reading.
Richard Kostelanetz

My wife and I were dumbfounded at the latest Salon. You compiled so much material and went through it so carefully. Your insights into the issues and personalities is keen.
Steve O'Keefe, Patron Saint Productions

You have a unique slant; humor rules. Congratulations on another great issue of Salon. You should be getting awards for it.
Michael Horowitz, Flashback Books

I think it's a wonderful zine. Bob Shea

My favorite libertarian zine....essential....
Jarod Pore, co-editor Factsheet Five

Lots of thought-provoking writing in here....
Peter Bagg, Fantagraphics Books

Like being at a cocktail party where all the banter is brilliant....a class act....a stunning achievement.
Ace Backwords

What a wonderful treasure......It is a fine thrilling magazine......Never have I encountered a more intelligently entertaining magazine....Fascinating.....I am amazed that you brought together so much diversity so cohesively.... David Castleman

Salon continues to outdo itself. The poetry issue was great. I have gotten very attached to Salon.
Albert Huffstickler

Salon is a major length ahead of the pack... Always so dense with stuff, detours, skewers.
Thomas M. Cassidy

Thank you so much for the beautiful issue....Keep up the great work. Blair Wilson

I'd have to say that it eclipses most other so-called small press magazines. Kurt Nimmo

I am very impressed with your magazine - it's the only one that I am able to read cover to cover without gagging or losing interest.....the best read in America! William J. Murray

Really respect your #22....This issue is a work of most interesting scholarship...Unreservedly recommended! Tad Davies

Salon has really covered a lot of subjects in depth over the years, that you don't find anywhere else.
Mick Cusimano

Your Revisionism project was incredibly refreshing. It was interesting, well-written, well organized, and, most importantly, well-reasoned. Sean Tejaratchi

Previous issues were great, but this is the best one yet. Great stuff! J.P. Morgan

...an eclectic zine that has, among other things, thoughtful criticism, controversial articles on a variety of topics, an open minded but courageous attitude and a lot more....
Mike Ziesing


© 2004 - 2012 Pat Hartman
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