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Kinney's Folly:

Short Stories by Pat Hartman

When Abbot Kinney built Venice, and especially after a big storm had washed most of it away before it was even finished, unkind people called the whole project Kinney's Folly.

....which is the title I've chosen for this collection of stories, varying from 1000 words to novella-length. They're about the people of Venice, and some of the same characters show up in different stories. The one with asterisks are "extra spicy."

If the title is colored and underlined, you can read it here.

The others are as yet unpublished.

Bent Out of Shape

Beyond the Call of Duty*

Change in the Weather*

Day or Two

Doodoo Parade

Down But Never Out


Fun and Games*

Lucian in the Sky With Diamonds*


The Mobius Trip*

Not Quite Date Rape

Off the Wall*

Oh Yet We Trust

Packed for a Season in Hell

Spirit of Truth

Steps to Beach


Troubadours Eat Breakfast*

The Weekend That Started It All*

What Are Sisters For?*

Year of the Slut*




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