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The File Cabinet

Finished things I wish somebody would buy -
long, non-fiction

Are Collectors Crazier Than Artists?
Probably. Some famous ones, some extreme ones. The wonderful world of collecting. Myths about art. How to be a collector. 21 Collector Profiles. You're in Good Company.

Revealed: The Philosopher-Little Tramp Connection
The myriad links between Charlie Chaplin and Arthur Schopenhauer.

So You Think Your Love Life is a Mess?
Here's what some of our most revered culture heroes got up to in the romance department. Soap operas of the great and famous.

Waco is a 4 Letter Word

Words About Everything
Arranged by topic, hundreds of quotations, sometimes from unexpected sources, relevant to a large number of subjects.


Oh Yet We Trust

novella set in Venice, an intense love affair that just can't work

Things I wish somebody would pay me to finish
- long, non-fiction

Timothy Masters was convicted of murder on the basis of drawings he made as a 15-year-old. Walter Sickert has been named as Jack the Ripper, on the basis of a painting he did. There's a trend here, a kind of aesthetic McCarthyism, that is dangerous to all of us and particularly threatening to artists.

the Asshole Issue
This bulging accordion file full of material was going to be Salon: A Journal of Aesthetics #26

I Got It
An evaluation, years after "the training" (Hint: I still tell people it was the best $300 I ever spent.) Results of a 25-year road test of a philosophy designed to make the world work for everyone. Werner Erhard was the object of character assassination on several fronts, by individuals and media institutions who later admitted they lied. Neither the accusations nor the recantations ever affected the usefulness of the est training.

My Number One Desert Island Movie
It's X-rated. Richard Dreyfuss did it for union scale, saying it was the best writing he'd ever read. Inserts is a shining example of the art of cinema

How to be a Mystical Libertarian

A Year In Bed
An astonishing number of people who grew up to accomplish great things, started out as sickly children who spent long periods isolated and bedridden.

Some books give useful hints about how to weed out and organize your stuff. But how many delve into the mindset, the emotional needs and delusions and rationales that make us want to have Thing in the first place? (Thanks go out to Stephen Gaskin, who suggests this eloquent term for possessions.) Ever had the feeling that life needs to be less complicated, but just didn't know where to start? The mind is the place to start, with this book as a companion.

Obstacles to; processes of; rewards of; relationships and

Cheap and Trippy Things to Do with Kids

Out in the World of Work
Target audience: youth. Message: It's both better and worse than you think. You can have both a job and a life. The best career counselor is your own body. Embellished with many true-life experiences.

Art and Crime, Crime and Art
The artist as criminal, the criminal as artist, and many other fascinating permutations of the basic idea

Things I wish somebody would pay me to finish-
long, fiction

My Last Beautiful Loser
novel in Venice with some of characters from the short stories

Steps to Beach
detective story/love story set in Venice, actually the novelization of an already existing screenplay

Untitled Speculative Fiction novel
Cybersex, and love that never dies

Kinney's Folly
collection of short stories and a long one, all set in Venice.

Death and Texas
novel about feminism, pacifism, and the effects of the Vietnam war on those who weren't even present

Finished things I wish somebody would buy -
short, non-fiction

The Ideal Reader
the secret shared by many of the finest writers, with numerous examples

The Smallest Minority of All
television-free Americans. There is no corner of the day so empty that TV would improve it. Through TV the worst nightmares of science fiction writers come true. Kill your TV before it kills you.

Jump-Start Your Muse

Well of Tedium
Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness. Its suppression and why the literary luminaries of the day defended this very bad novel. A major, yet unreadable landmark work in gay women's literature.

It Works For Me
Hints to bring sanity to everyday life. The devil is in the details. How to take care of the little things so the big things can take care of themselves.

My First and Last Co-Op
Member or manager, an arts co-op can drive you right out of your ever-lovin' mind

Who Should Pay for the Arts?
(hint: not the taxpayers)

Born Again and Again and Again
Writers, painters and musicians who believed in reincarnation. Why. How it affected their work.

Artists and Suicide
Some tragic lives and chosen deaths

The First Hippie
Gerald Brenan did things in the first twenty years of his century that everybody else caught up with decades later.

The True Believer Revisited
Eric Hoffer's great work belongs in every classroom, now more than ever.

Why Don't I Feel Like a Victim?
Sometimes it's optional. Technically a victim of robbery, mugging, rape, sexual harassment, one victim figures out that it doesn't have to run, or ruin, your life.

The...uh...Schwa Epidemic
That is, the uh sound that uh people uh tend to make....a trend, nay, an epidemic badly in need of quashing. The aesthetics of vocal communication. Does public speaking entail a certain obligation to the listeners?

Duncan Grant

Maya Deren

Googling yourself can turn up surprises both flattering and annoying

The Sustainable Non-Driving Lifestyle
Does it exist? Yes! A remarkable story of ten years without a car.

Mutilation as Identity
the deeper meaning of head-shaving, tattooing, branding, piercing, etc.

Finished things I wish somebody would buy-
short, fiction

Blue Book is a collection of short stories all with a pronounced erotic focus, but that's not the only reason they are blue. As another kind of "blue book" quotes the values for used cars, these stories are about the values that lead to choices, and the times when there is no choice. They deal with whole people as well as organs. The characters are the artists, musicians, film lovers, street denizens, boardwalk entrepreneurs, actors, drifters and dreamers of Venice, California.
It's been said that the major sex organ is the brain, and also that intelligent women are sexier than average. Perhaps it's a selling point that the author is a Mensa-certified genius. Contrary to Tom Lehrer's satirical demand for "smut and nothing but," this is smut with plenty of redeeming social value. Most of the stories are sex-positive, with some tender perversions and convoluted sexual politics. They range in mood from romantic to raunchy, serious to silly, disturbing to lighthearted, sublime to grotesque. They explore undying love and momentary lust, the mysterious alchemy of attraction, the game of seduction, the fulfillment of ecstasy, in the lives of fascinating characters in one of the most interesting places on the map.

Year of the Slut
Laura lives on the Venice boardwalk in a large apartment building full of free spirits and borderline nut cases. During one frantic year she samples freely from the smorgasbord of sexual partners on offer.
A Change in the Weather
What is behind the lavishly decorated facade of that New Age book store, just a block from Venice Beach? A romantic tryst.
Lucian in the Sky With Diamonds
- Altered state sex with lavish, luscious psychedelic trimmings
A sizzling affair reaches a turning point and Randa sees the writing on the wall that spells betrayal by her current boyfriend. She looks up her old high school sweetheart and finds solace in his arms.
Troubadours Eat Breakfast
Gayle at twenty has had enough weird experiences to be wary, and enough good ones to be eager. Then she meets Donald, an actor and writer, who wants her more than anything.
Beyond the Call of Duty
Middle-aged erotic writer Felice Jordan entertains a much younger man who wants to profile her for a local paper. The interview is concluded between the sheets, and Donald welcomes the opportunity to learn all he can.
The Mobius Trip
Norah sets out for an evening of fun and gets a lot more of it than she'd hoped for when she goes home with a blind man.
Not Quite Date Rape
An insecure and rebellious teenager, Gayle takes a walk on the wild side, with unfortunate results.
The Weekend That Started It All
After a promising start, Donald and Gayle spend several blissful days together and discover the love of a lifetime.
Off the Wall
Two lovers visit the site of a suicide, find a terrible secret, and explore the concept of necrophilia

Things I wish somebody would pay me to finish - short, non-fiction

On Being Anal
A cranky reaction to the death of literacy
Shut the #%*# Up!
the insidious evil of noise pollution
Bring Back Bloomsbury
Drugs in Speculative Fiction

Books I Keep
A. Gene Hippe's Reading List
The Fascination of Mail Art
Dear Landlord
How to Get Your Ducks In a Row
What the Flood Said
Adults Only - Why Not?
Neighbors From Hell
Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned From Bumper Stickers
If I Believed in Censorship
How I learned to keep worrying, yet love my computer
The Millennium Made me Do It
Pain as Guru
Lighter Side of Virginia Woolf
Older Women and Younger Men
In Praise of Separate Rooms
plea for the space that brings us closer
Don't Tell Them You're Married
memoirs of a band wife
Hug a Nerd Today


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