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Comments on
Ghost Town: A Venice California Life

I read stuff from people all the time - I'm a volunteer for the writers' guild mentor program - and I've read some okay writers. And even a few decent writers. But you are the first by-god knock the shit out of them writer that I have encountered in my long career.
Allan Cole

It’s just the kind of book I like to read….all these lives come jumping off the pages. It’s real and it’s brilliant…. it will stand the test of time.
Ace Backwords

I'm really blown away by Ghost Town.
Bradford Bancroft

I really am impressed--with the story you tell, your skill in writing it… I really admire your straightforward direct clear prose. The thing I enjoyed most was your moral attitude, the sense that some things just aren't right--such as the behavior of people who trash their own house and yard and then complain they live in a slum. I was especially grateful for your insights and periodic philosophizing on the nature of human nature…..If there's any justice in the world Ghost Town should be required reading in the UCLA graduate planning school and in USC journalism classes.
Paul Ciotti

She is a really good writer. Sometimes I forgot I was reading a book and felt like I was there....... I would recommend Ghost Town to everyone who wants to read a good book about our town. Not only did I learn a lot about Venice, especially Oakwood, but I learned a lot about people.
Jaime Forjador

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