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Hartman in Cyberspace

About once a year I look myself up on a couple of search engines. There are a lot of other people who have the same name I do, but different interests, such as raising dogs. Anyway, these are some of the highlights of the most recent egosurf:

Reviews of Ghost Town
by Ace Backwords and Paul Ciotti on Amazon

Cop to Call Girl:
my admiration for Norma Jean Almadovar, in The Radical Libertarian

Confessions of an Xlibris Author
Patron Saint Productions way down the page

Nice words about Ghost Town
on Paul Ciotti's site, Voxcrock

Review of Ghost Town
in the Free Venice Beachhead

Claire Wolfe: Culture Hero
My review of Wolfe's I Am Not a Number

Celebrating Independence
A very nice piece by mentor-in-chief Steve O'Keefe

Waco is a Four Letter Word
This was in the Johnstown Breeze

Author Biography
In connection with Call Someplace Paradise, this bio is on the Xlibris site.

Family Values - Yours, Mine, or Whose?
This essay makes a guest appearance on the Radical Libertarian site.

Excerpt from review of Altered Egos
My main talent is appreciation, and I love it when people quote my reviews of their work. This one is about a collection of stories by Todd Shimoda.

More appreciation
Nice words from Jeremy Bushnell about something I wrote a long time ago on the subject of success. This reference is pretty far down the page, so if you happen to look it up, use "find on page".



Other Hartman Sites

Earthblog.net archives
This site not only publishes stuff I write, but keeps it around for future reference.

Free Tim Masters Because
My take on what must be the most screwed-up murder case of the decade.

Writing About Architecture
List of pieces on the Architectural Graphics Standards site

Games Artists Play With Themselves
In the persona of visual artist, things that don't fit anywhere else

Moving Target
Mostly political, and not flattering to the subjects

I Heart This
The best stuff I know about

Movies are Only a Life
Film the cinema and movies according to Pat Hartman

Hartman on Earthblog.net

Cats or Crack?

The Hartman Report on the Special Prosecutor's Report

Freedom: Day One

Is It Mark Fuhrman Time?

The Meloy Massacre

Counterculture Everlasting

My Philomene

Free Tim Masters Because

Show Me the Law

She Prob'ly Thinks This Rant is About Her

Lights... Camera... Freedom?...

Love's Flaming Mattress

Sometimes We'd Rather Not Be Right

Happy Birthday Sad World

The Tragedy of Premature Divahood

For God's Sake, Don't Breathalyze the Judge!

Maori Meditations

The Last Day of America

America’s Third Parties – Wasted Votes or the Future of America?...

An Open Letter to Paris Hilton

What Would You Die For?

Online Auctions - Just Like Real Life

Free Speech Like it "Spose" to Be

Does Censorship Work?

Day 51 Revisited

Cruel April

Your Amazing Super Power

Requiem for Harry Browne

Another Nail in the Free Speech Coffin

The Conspiracy to Circumcise

Bread and Media Circuses


Bootleg Bibles Passed Around the Playground?

Why I Said No To Earthblog and Ended Up Saying Yes Anyway


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